Professional W3C compliant HTML

HTML is the bulk of the code that makes up your website, often this is considered an unskilled exercise and ignored in the larger web design process. This is a big mistake as good W3C compatible html can improve visibility drastically, mistakes in W3C standards can cost you valuable visitors who cannot see your website in its true glory. We at Pulse believe that your HTML code must be compatible with the latest W3C standards to ensure perfect visibility on all present and future browsers including browsers on smart phones, pdas and other nextgen devices like kindle. Nextgen technologies are
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Web based project management software

Project management is part of most business processes, starting from building software to manufacturing window panes there are project managers, supervisors, engineers and clients that work together in unison to take a work order and translate it to a successfully deployment. Managing a project is basically managing information; the right people must get the right information at the right time. Once you achieve control over information half the battle is won. We offer an advanced web based project management suite as a foundation of your custom web based project management system, this saves at least 70% of the cost of
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Professional CodeIgniter programming services

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications quickly and within budget. Pulse Solutions is a Professional CodeIgniter programming company, we use Code igniter for a large percentage of our PHP / MySQL projects. The Code igniter framework is a perfect match for custom business automation softwares and ecommerce applications that need to be constructed quickly with an ability to change the design elements easily. We use the CodeIgniter framework to offer an advanced CMS system for our clients to be
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Seamless QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is arguably the most popular accounting program in the world. This Intuit software is used by large corporations as well as mom and pop stores to manage their business accounts. QuickBooks integration is a key element of every automation system as the main reason for double entry is usually the accounting system causing inconvenience, delays and costly errors. All automation systems built by Pulse Solutions have a module to either simply export data to be imported into Quick books or a more elaborate system that sits on the client’s server and downloads orders and other online data for book
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Kiosk application that enchants and informs

Abcom Rents is one of our long standing prestigious clients, Pulse has built several web systems, brochures and custom art work projects for the corporation. Abcom Rents stocks one of the largest and most diverse computer equipment rental stores in the greater Chicago area. Often Abcom rents computer equipment for trade shows and events where products and services are demonstrated, they felt a need for an application that could be used to demonstrate the products and services on a touch screen. Pulse Solutions has built up touch screen kiosk software for Abcom engineers to quickly and effortlessly create an interactive
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Improve Your Website with Video Scribing

When considering the best way to introduce your products, or when you need to boost the traffic to your website and grab some attention, one popular platform is the use of animation. Before you dismiss this idea as both impractical and not within your budget, let’s explore the many options available online that can be used easily and help you increase site activity. The latest survey for viewer traffic shows a sharp increase for video content, with the average person watching 20 hours of video each month. This is supported by the fact that YouTube is the 3rd most viewed
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Setting Up Your Social Media Plan to Build Your Market

Using social media as a marketing tool to express your companies’ news and views can be hugely beneficial – if done the right way. It gives you a unique platform to engage the public, both clients and any interested parties, to have discussions, share opinions and create user-generated content to keep the name of your company circulating and reaching new perspective clients. Keeping up with regular activity on social media sites requires time so you need to start with a clear plan on how you best want to use these tools to promote your company. Once you decide what your
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Android application development

Over the recent years, Android has become the platform of choice for smart phones. From a small beginning to becoming the second largest selling smart phone operating system, Android has come a long way. Pulse Solutions has been building software for hand held devices since early 2000 when PDA’s were in vogue. We diversified into Microsoft mobile, Apple and more recently into Android development. Our experience in the mobile development arena meant that we could quickly grasp the nuances of the technology and use our expertise to build cutting edge software for the Android platform. We use the Google Android
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iPhone web application development

iPhones have become synonymous with mobile phone class, comfort and fun. Over 21 million units have been sold making this the most sought after mobile electronic gadget ever. iPhone users often claim that their phones now do most of the work their computers used to do, email, web browsing, online commerce, GPS navigation, games. You name it and it’s there in the iPhone! As most users move towards mobile devices like iPhones, web sites need to move as well. From the beginning of 2008 all websites built by Pulse Solutions were tested for operational compatibility on an iPhone. We now
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360 degree feedback appraisal system

In human resources or industrial/organisational psychology, 360-degree feedback, also known as ‘multi-rater feedback’, ‘multisource feedback’, or ‘multisource assessment’, is employee development feedback that comes from all around the employee. “360” refers to the 360 degrees in a circle. The feedback would come from subordinates, peers, and managers in the organisational hierarchy, as well as self-assessment, and in some cases from external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders. It may be contrasted with upward feedback, where managers are given feedback by their direct reports, or a traditional performance appraisal, where the employees are most often reviewed only
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