Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of technologies that enables a web application to exchange data with the web server without a page refresh. As compared to Client Server applications web pages work in a disconnected environment, as soon as the web page is loaded the connection is dropped and the webpage continues to display without the server being connected in real time.

Often web pages need to go back and forth several times to download data sets like reporting information, data lists, products, rich text information and more. This creates time consuming page refreshes which could take upwards of several seconds adversely affecting the user experience.

AJAX Development helps programmers download data using the XMLHttpRequest object or through the use of Remote Scripting in browsers that do not support it in the background while the web page is being accessed. This means the page no longer needs to go back to the server and only the portions that are needed are selectively downloaded from the server saving time and bandwidth.

In principle AJAX can help speed up data intensive applications by as much as 70%.
Pulse Solutions has a long history of using AJAX to solve complicated performance and usability problems. We program using .Net AJAX Tool Kit as well as Several PHP Ajax Classes. Pulse engineers know where to use AJAX and where not to, the technology can simplify several complicated steps into a single simple process but the inability of such applications to allow for browser based back and forth navigation makes them unsuitable for pages where the users may use the browser back button frequently.

AJAX Development is used in combination with several other technologies like Flash, Silverlight and DHTML to create awe inspiring web applications that can keep users focused on the products / services being promoted on the page. AJAX has made it possible for web applications to rival client server applications in terms of response times and rich interface ability.

AJAX Development has become relatively simple as several rapid development technologies like .Net AJAX Tool kit and Several PHP AJAX classes are now available. AJAX can be deployed quickly and cost effectively by talented Pulse Engineers who have several years of experience in using the technology to its maximum potential at the same time avoiding the many pitfalls associated with AJAX Development.

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