Healthcare industry is in the midst of transformation with healthcare reform and other regulations, consumerization of healthcare, and persistent cost pressures. Insights and innovation across healthcare and outside the industry are crucial to chart the right course. Strategic partners and smarter execution are key to building capabilities for tomorrow while balancing competing priorities today.

Pulse Value:-

We blend our industry expertise in consulting and technology to help our clients improve productivity and enhance patient care. Our innovative technology solutions combine years of healthcare experience with commercial practices from industries such as manufacturing and services creating new levels of automation and efficiency.

  • Cross-industry experience – Fusing experience across the healthcare ecosystem with insights and practices from verticals bringing innovation to
  • Taking concepts to well executed processes – Using our wide array of technology tools we take concepts and built solutions that make execution simple
  • Speed to market – Using integration components and planning for easy plugins makes our solutions faster to build and easy to upgrade.
  • Predictability and low risk – Best practices, centers of excellence, and local and global delivery assure value and ensure that projects are delivered on time, and on budget.
  • Expertize in secure mobile technology solutions on all popular operating systems and devices.

Practice Management systems can directly affect the practice profitability and the level of patient care, cloud based practice management systems like Apollo Practice Management have taken automation to a whole new level. We have expertise in building integrated solutions that comply with the latest compliance guidelines and exceed HIPAA norms.

Creative use of mobile devices and tablets have changed a completely paper oriented industry to a paperless mode thats faster, effective and easier to use for patients and practitioners alike.

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Top seven mistakes of unsuccessful websites

Your website is a vital tool in your branding and marketing efforts, and plays a pivotal role to gain an edge in of one of the biggest marketplace right now: the Internet. However, many websites fail to boost their online visibility and fizzle out without garnering any attention. The internet today is populated with millions of websites that are unable to motivate visitors to avail their offerings and expand their horizon. Below are some of the reasons why websites fail. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can help your website reach its goal. 1) Making your website look like your competitors Generic websites and cookie-cutter systems do not offer anything new to visitors. A website needs to bring something unique to the table to gain instant attention of the users. Whether you are offering custom services or selling organic products, it is important to create ingenious designs and features, to let your visitors gauge the difference between your services and your competitors to make you stand out. 2) Flashy websites don’t make great websites If your website is loaded with heavy technology, it becomes difficult for the search engine to determine the content, which leads to poor penetration. It is important to establish which technology is vital to the website’s success, and which one you can easily discontinue. A basic, easy to load website is far more likely to succeed than a graphic-burdened, hard to load, and difficult to navigate flashy website. Also, heavy websites do not look good on cell phones or tablets – a prime market for your online presence. Finding a balance should be the top...

Fitness instructor web site design, responsive and SEO friendly

Doctor’s Choice Fitness was created to provide the most comprehensive and innovative medically supervised Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss program in the industry. Working with the top fitness instructors they are able to deliver amazing results! Doctors Choice works directly with your doctor and by combining scientifically supported Nutrition, Weight Loss Techniques, Certified Personal Training Protocols, Yoga and Pilates with their proprietary “In Home” training model, they are able to help the 80% of Americans who will not go to a gym. Their fitness professionals come to your home, office or a local park to provide a fat-shredding, muscle-building workout at below-market pricing while allowing you to skip going to a gym. The need was a professional fitness instructor website that is aesthetically pleasing as well as effective in explaining this unique service. The plan included automation in client account creation, API calls to payment gateway and a simple process of sign up for both users and doctors. The site needed to attract both users and doctors alike, this unique prerequisite made the project challenging, our design team created several drafts and worked closely with the client to get the exact mix of aesthetics and information. Pulse designers built up a theme that matches the needs perfectly, the website is clear in its purpose and transfers the message in seconds to a prospect. Users know what they are getting and the results they can expect while using Doctors Choice and Practitioners see it as a whole new way of improving their patients lives. Find your fitness at Doctors Choice Fitness, Los Angeles, visit...

Doctors simplify your book keeping with Doctor Accounts Solutions

On the 11th of June, Pulse Solutions made live a new, responsive web design site that was easier to navigate, faster at loading, and more professional in appearance. The site was created for Doctor Accounts Solutions Ltd which is an all in one medical billing platform that caters to clients in the United Kingdom. What is responsive web design (RWD)? It is an approach taken in web design that is used to provide users with a simple user experience. This includes automatic resizing, minimal scrolling, and optimizing for accessing on multiple devices (laptops, PCs, mobile phones, etc). As the Doctor Account Solutions site was built as a dedicated platform for streamlining payments and invoices, it was imperative that it run smoothly, without glitches, and that the site was easy to learn and simple to use. Rather than fancy graphics, it needed something comfortable to which users could become easily accustomed and regularly use a familiar platform. Pulse Solutions was able to correctly identify and address these issues that needed rectifying in order to fulfill the end goal; a better user experience for Doctor Accounts Solutions’ customers. At Pulse Solutions, we understand that a website is the face of the company. Redesigning the website can give a company a new makeover, improving the sales, customer retention, and achieving a better search engine ranking. In the case of Doctor Accounts Solutions Ltd, Pulse Solutions was able to deliver a responsive, upgraded website that resulted in a satisfied... kicks ass with a new responsive site

Aikido Dojo in Reno is a well established Aikido Dojo in Reno. They provide Aikido Training to young & adults with beginners and advanced training classes. The need was to build a new look for the site that matches with the unique service offered by the Reno Aikido Dojo led by Sensei Vince Salvatore. The Aikido dojo needed to reinvent itself on the web, the old static site was simply not enough to enthuse users to join any more, a new web presence that used social networking and delivered content to mobile devices as needed. This was a fun project due to the creative freedom that Vince ended to us, we created a unique UI that included graphics of circles with people enjoying the Aikido practice, this was very well received and after a few enhancements the UI was finalized. We used WordPress as the CMS to ensure Vince was able to modify all site aspects himself plus the site also gets SEO benefits. The complete UI was converted to a responsive website that was rigorously tested on all popular devices and platforms, the result was truly exceptional. Users love the new website especially the social networking integration and videos loading from the Youtube channel we created. The site has improved user retention, subscriptions as well as google ranks for vital keywords.  ...

Pulse delivers Apollo Practice Management Software for Physical Therapists

The Apollo Practice Management software for PTs was built with efficiency and ease of use in mind. Combining all the needed forms and record-keeping templates that PT’s may need and storing all data on to a cloud platform Apollo Practice Management wanted to assure consistent records for all necessary activities and the elimination of paper based storage. Flexibility has been incorporated to adapt to any specific need and options for scheduling and billing are integrated with the service provider. Apollo Practice Management needed optimum security for patient data to maintain complete confidentiality so Pulse incorporated the HIPAA Compliancy test for this service. By using a SAAS platform, PTs can have access to their accounts from any location across all computing and communicating devices. Fixed monthly costs are reduced due to streamlined operating costs and this new platform yields better returns on investment. The billing needs easy to manage by giving a smooth integration with any billing service provider that you choose to use, saving you any trouble having to switch to new software. Also Read: Creating A Hospital Inventory Management Software for the Healthcare Sector One of the outstanding features for Apollo Practice Management is the reliable and effective free follow-up support service, easily engaged through both phone and email, which reduces the time waiting for needed answers. The cost effective fees are presented in a variety of plans available to choose from so that each practice can find the best fit their exact needs. Pulse developed a robust and responsive software using 4.0 and SQL Server 2012. The SAAS Hosting platform provides instant access for all members...