It is always a challenge to create a solution that seamlessly integrates with an accounting program, ecommerce and accounting solutions generally do not work well unless they have been written to coexist. This has changed for Sage as we can integrate almost any software with Sage to create a 2 way data exchange.

Sage is an enormously popular account program used by millions in the UK and USA. Several of these merchants also sell online, seamless integration of their ecommerce systems to the Sage software is something they only dream about.

There are several off the shelf solutions but the true enterprise class integration has been elusive.

If you sell 10s of products a day a manual entry works just fine, if you sell in 100s a rudimentary off the shelf solution may come close to a solution but if you sell by the 1000s you’re looking at a big problem in terms of clean and easy integration with your book keeping software.

Pulse Solutions has worked hard towards making an enterprise class Sage integration solution.We have been extremely successful, our clients now concentrate on getting more business rather than looking at book keeping problems.

The software is based on Sage data objects, the program directly interface with Sage at the API level to exchange all possible data with the website.

This is not limited to importing products and orders.

The software can accomplish more much more.

  1. Accurate and live stock tracking
  2. Web based goods in
  3. Web based purchase order entry
  4. Reporting on Sage variables on your ecommerce platform
  5. Accurate management of discounts, promotion codes, offers and more.
  6. Importing all product data from the web to the sage software
  7. Automated management of cancellations in Sage
  8. Automated creation of Bank and Cash books depending on how the purchase payment is accepted.
  9. Customer relation management with data on both the web and sage systems

Our solutions have been deployed for several UK merchants including Dera Foods Ltd, Golf Choice Ecommerce portal, America Texting, Inc and more.

Pulse engineers can pretty much integrate any ecommerce software with Sage, we can accommodate custom work flows, filtering of data, automated emailed reports and both ways data transfer of any Sage program entity.

Custom programming is what we do best, Sage integration experts are now available to integrate Sage into your website, ecommerce software, CRM solution or Legacy Access / Dbase / Mainframe based solutions. Click here to contact us now.

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