Online, its the industry buzz word, if its available online it sells faster, easier and gets a larger consumer base. Consumers don’t have to wait for anything today. Its available 24/7 at the convenience of their nearest smart device.

Online buying has switched from being new to being a consumer’s first choice. Often even while purchasing from a store a customer would check pricing and options online via a smartphone.

The design of an online store is becoming more and more important to increase conversions and reduce confusion / returns, as the customer cannot physically see the product the details can get blurry even if they are described well, simplicity and excellent aesthetics are key for getting the design right for optimum performance and reduced confusion.

Malls and retail outlets have seen their market share decline as customers prefer the convenience of online shopping. However many shopping chains have successfully used their online stores to improve footfalls at their physical stores using creative ideas.

The latest trends in online retail that we leverage at Pulse.

  • Responsive mobile enabled interface that users can use from any smart device.
  • Search engine optimization from ground up to attract traffic.
  • Integration with aggregators like Google products, Amazon, Ebay and more.
  • Automation at every step to reduce the time needed for delivery.
  • Integration with social media for marketing and reviews.
  • How to videos and demos on how to use the product more effectively

Pulse Solutions has been building ecommerce websites since year 2000, we have over a decade of experience in building internationally acclaimed websites that do large amount of business.

At Pulse all departments work in cohesion where the programmers consult the design and search engine optimization teams before building systems, this process of usability and search engine visibility from the ground up help our products achieve success.

From small mom and pop stores to large multinational stores, we have built them all and successfully manage both graphic design and online marketing activities for all types of online stores.

Contact us today to sell online and improve footfalls at your retail outlet.

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Jack is a Business coach who has helped 1000s get a better life. Jack started his career with family export business and moved on to start his own business after a few years. After running several businesses and investments for 20 years and gaining the experience, Jack realised that he is passionate about helping people through Business, Leadership & Life Coaching.At the age of twenty-five he was depressed and almost suicidal and didn’t know what to do, he picked himself up and started educating himself (academic and self-education). Pulse Solutions was contracted to build a site that matched Jacks easy going personality, built up audience engagement and was SEO friendly too. We designed a custom wordpress theme that surpassed all the needs. Jack is able to post new content online regularly and his viewership has doubled since...

Top seven mistakes of unsuccessful websites

Your website is a vital tool in your branding and marketing efforts, and plays a pivotal role to gain an edge in of one of the biggest marketplace right now: the Internet. However, many websites fail to boost their online visibility and fizzle out without garnering any attention. The internet today is populated with millions of websites that are unable to motivate visitors to avail their offerings and expand their horizon. Below are some of the reasons why websites fail. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can help your website reach its goal. 1) Making your website look like your competitors Generic websites and cookie-cutter systems do not offer anything new to visitors. A website needs to bring something unique to the table to gain instant attention of the users. Whether you are offering custom services or selling organic products, it is important to create ingenious designs and features, to let your visitors gauge the difference between your services and your competitors to make you stand out. 2) Flashy websites don’t make great websites If your website is loaded with heavy technology, it becomes difficult for the search engine to determine the content, which leads to poor penetration. It is important to establish which technology is vital to the website’s success, and which one you can easily discontinue. A basic, easy to load website is far more likely to succeed than a graphic-burdened, hard to load, and difficult to navigate flashy website. Also, heavy websites do not look good on cell phones or tablets – a prime market for your online presence. Finding a balance should be the top...

Buy Wide Format inks at the new STS Inks website!

Founded in 1999, STS Refill Technology is a US based ink manufacturer delivering premium quality inks compatible with most major brands of large format printers. STS With its solid history, STS has pioneered the field of Inkjet printing and Ink technology. As the world leader in the wide format, industrial and household inkjet inks market, STS Refill Technology is recognized for inventing most of the cutting edge technology that you see today in many ink refilling machines and has developed inkjet inks and refilling technologies for the past 15 years. The need was ecommerce software that was powerful as well as flexible to the specific ink search requirements that included compatibility information and quick access directly to the cartridges required by the customer. The ink business is different from normal retail stores, the customer knows what he wants to buy and must get to the product quickly. Cross selling is limited and if the product is not found there are no alternatives to be displayed. The Magento platform was chosen to be the foundation of the solution, we customized Magento to meet specific requirements and made changes to improve system performance. The backend was modified so entering 1000s of ink compatibility attributes is seamless and quick. Pulse designers built up a theme that matches the needs perfectly, the website is clear in its purpose and transfers the message in seconds to a prospect. Users know exactly how to get to the ink they need and what the compatibility information is, purchase process is seamless and quick. STS Is a leader in wide format inks for Mutoh printers, wide format...

Custom auction software built for specific business purpose

Building auction software systems is one of our top services, Pulse designers understand auction process, usability and the dynamics of a custom auction site. Over the years we have built many successful auction systems that have helped users get great deals and merchants sell their excess inventories. Online auction software can be of various types, list auctions, fixed price, offer based, reverse auctions, penny bidding, direct buy and more. Custom auction programming is often a combination of several auction types with changes in the flow interactivity. We integration auctions into inventory control systems, social networking, ERP software and make it effective for large merchants to use this attractive online auction technology to make sales without reducing retail prices. Our systems are designed to scale, auctions can quickly become very popular and its important to plan ahead. We recommend cloud hosting for a lower running cost and better return on investment. Auction systems can be either designed from ground up or built using open source custom software, we evaluate each business model meticulously before recommending the most cost effective strategy for the client. If you are looking to build an auction site contact us today for a free...

Pulse builds Haggle Free Auto Sales which offers a User-friendly Auction site for selling private vehicles

Haggle Free Auto Sales team has over 45 years of collective experience in related fields of automotive, finance, aviation and education. They have drawn on that experience with an eye for customer satisfaction. Their aim is to provide you with the platform that takes away the inconvenience of selling your vehicle; making it easy, quick and for the best possible price. They also are addressing the need for dealers to have a steady flow of quality vehicles for their business so both parties will obtain good benefits through their unique service. Haggle Free Auto Sales has been able to reach out to a wide clientele base and provide them assistance in selling a variety of vehicles at very favourable prices. Their online business has grown sufficiently that they have expanded in two new cities. Dealers have found their service to be convenient to use and it has allowed them to more easily find specific vehicles they are interested in. The company needed services that were user-friendly and a site that was easy to move around in for all parties concerned. It required an auction feature for online bidding, and a secure way of sending private data. It also required ease of accessibility for mobile devices, as their prospective customers would be using a variety of devices for logging in to their site. Pulse was able to design a custom web site to meet all of these needs for Haggle Free Auto Sales. PHP was the platform that Pulse worked with that provided the needed mobile accessibility and high usability that was required. MySQL technology was effectively used to present...