Online, its the industry buzz word, if its available online it sells faster, easier and gets a larger consumer base. Consumers don’t have to wait for anything today. Its available 24/7 at the convenience of their nearest smart device.

Online buying has switched from being new to being a consumer’s first choice. Often even while purchasing from a store a customer would check pricing and options online via a smartphone.

The design of an online store is becoming more and more important to increase conversions and reduce confusion / returns, as the customer cannot physically see the product the details can get blurry even if they are described well, simplicity and excellent aesthetics are key for getting the design right for optimum performance and reduced confusion.

Malls and retail outlets have seen their market share decline as customers prefer the convenience of online shopping. However many shopping chains have successfully used their online stores to improve footfalls at their physical stores using creative ideas.

The latest trends in online retail that we leverage at Pulse.

  • Responsive mobile enabled interface that users can use from any smart device.
  • Search engine optimization from ground up to attract traffic.
  • Integration with aggregators like Google products, Amazon, Ebay and more.
  • Automation at every step to reduce the time needed for delivery.
  • Integration with social media for marketing and reviews.
  • How to videos and demos on how to use the product more effectively

Pulse Solutions has been building ecommerce websites since year 2000, we have over a decade of experience in building internationally acclaimed websites that do large amount of business.

At Pulse all departments work in cohesion where the programmers consult the design and search engine optimization teams before building systems, this process of usability and search engine visibility from the ground up help our products achieve success.

From small mom and pop stores to large multinational stores, we have built them all and successfully manage both graphic design and online marketing activities for all types of online stores.

Contact us today to sell online and improve footfalls at your retail outlet.

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