Access conversion to PHP MYSQL web based system

Access has been long standing as small business database software, several corporations that lacked resources to invest in a fully fledged automation system started using Microsoft Access to achieve basic automation objectives.

Through version 1.0 in the mid nineties to Access 2008 the software has evolved to become better and more scalable, in spite of the improvements the core architecture of Access is limited both in terms of amount of data that can be stored, scalability and integration capabilities.

Pulse has a team of Access conversion specialists, these are Access programming gurus who work towards upgrading access based systems to php / mysql based web applications that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and also scale to any desired level.

PHP / MySQL Web applications are inherently more functional and easier to modify as compared to Access software, your web application can send you automated emailed reports, show you live alerts, include bars / graphs / charts, live pdf conversion, online faxing both incoming and outgoing and much more.

Access based software’s were traditionally shared over VPNs, this was a painfully slow and unreliable process making it very hard for engineers on the field or employees working from home to be efficient.

Web based software makes remote access a pleasure as the software has a very low footprint and runs off any popular browser.

Technologies like flash, AJAX, Silver light, Java and DHTML make the interface rich and interactive, procedures that took several minutes in Access can be executed in just a couple of clicks on a web application.

The most important benefit of a web application is the ease of taking backups and maintaining a good a restore plan. There is simply nothing to back on user computers, no files to manage and nothing to sync, the only things you need to backup are the server files that are centrally located and far easier to manage.

Simply put it’s never been this easy to move away from Access into a more professional, stable and scalable system that can have a direct influence on your company’s productivity.

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