HTML Files or CHM files conversion to responsive HTML

Html files or CHF files were the mainstay of support in the 90s and the 2000s, these are slowly becoming a problem as consumers demand access to the content on their smart devices and via a Google search too. Client server based windows software is very popular and it’s not going away any time soon, however the way it’s being used and supported has come a long way. Companies often employ videos, online help catalogs and responsive web pages to help users and ensure the rich content within the help files is indexed on Google search. Pulse engineers are familiar
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Responsive Design: How crucial is it?

With the increasing use of mobile devices from Smartphones to tablets, to accomplish every task from checking emails to browsing social media websites to doing online shopping, one thing is obvious that mobile devices are taking over Internet surfing. As more people are beginning to use mobile devices, it is clear that today’s business cannot underestimate the importance of responsive web design. What is Responsive Web Design? A responsive design is simply constructing the site in the manner so that all of its structure, including content and image remains constant on any device – from desktop to mobile phone to
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Custom Dot Net Nuke Module Development

Faster development cycle and availability of a vast variety of pluggable modules makes this framework perfect for portals and large business automation applications. Often no programming experience in required to manage and extend a dot net nuke application. Pulse Solutions has a team of programmers and designers who specialize in customizing Dot net nuke to fit even the most complex business requirements, from automation applications to ecommerce and book keeping Pulse engineers have delivered DNN projects on time and under budget. DotNetNuke is completely open source written in VB.NET for the ASP.NET framework. The application’s content management system is extensible
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CRM Development

Every corporation works in a different fashion with a specific work flow that has been meticulously built to suit their specific needs. Out of the box or online cookie cutter solutions can not address these challenges. Pulse Solutions can create Custom Tailored CRM solutions to automate specific business processes to address your specific needs. A Custom CRM software can be tailored to suit the natural work flow and process of each individual corporation. A CRM not only aids automation, it helps companies understand and anticipate the needs of current and potential customers. Functions that support this business purpose include sales,
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Work Flow Management Systems

Workflow software empowers your enterprise to automate workflow management and change management by making it easier to envision, capture and execute workflows for a wide range of business functions. Every corporation has a custom working process that’s geared towards specific business goals. We specialize in building work flow management systems and custom business automation softwares for unique work flows. Building database driven systems for over 500 small and large businesses over a period of 19 years, we have in-depth knowledge on how to build user-friendly, powerful and intuitive systems. We have worked closely with a range of industries including publishing,
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Custom auction software built for specific business purpose

Building auction software systems is one of our top services, Pulse designers understand auction process, usability and the dynamics of a custom auction site. Over the years we have built many successful auction systems that have helped users get great deals and merchants sell their excess inventories. Online auction software can be of various types, list auctions, fixed price, offer based, reverse auctions, penny bidding, direct buy and more. Custom auction programming is often a combination of several auction types with changes in the flow interactivity. We integration auctions into inventory control systems, social networking, ERP software and make it
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Drupal Development

Drupal is an open source CMS system, this is one of the most popular CMS systems in the world, preferred over countless others systems due to its scalability and easy customization capabilities. Pulse Solutions has been working with Drupal Development for a little over 12 years, we have created several solutions for clients who need easy customization for websites that have pages in the thousands. Drupal Development is an easy choice for web systems that need flexibility with scalability, as the graphics are completely separate from the code the system is split into 2 distinct manageable portions, the graphics/ formatting
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Using google maps to create sales and delivery zones

Google maps is a powerful platform that can be used in various creatives ways to solve business problems. We often encounter questions about building maps that show custom boundaries depicting sales areas, service zones, delivery zones and routes for staff to run. Pulse engineers use the Google maps API to connect applications and the My Maps feature to create maps to show a graphical representation of the geographical data to be displayed. These maps are often created by hand and then used within an application API for accurate geo location tracking. We created a software for Critter Sitters that maps
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Web 2.0 Development

Web 2.0 means different things to different people, every industry expert has a new definition of this well used and abused term. At Pulse we define Web 2.0 as simply “function before design”. Websites in the past have endeavored to primarily look good, the concentration always seemed to be aesthetic appeal. This approach failed to enthuse the audience who found using websites both confusing and time consuming. Web 2.0 websites keep function and usability above everything else, this means getting to the point quicker. This new model tries to make users part of the website by giving an active role
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Logo Design

At Pulse Solutions, we understand how critical your organization’s logo and design is to the success of your business. Our professional and talented team of creative designers can produce a customized corporate identity for you that will not only set you apart it will also inspire confidence in a prospective customer. The creation of an organization’s logo is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness for your customer. Our goal at Pulse Solutions is to provide you with specialized professional, custom logo design services at a price that will fit your budget. We seldom offer this service
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