Businesses that need to reach practically any type of audience on the web must have a professional website. In today’s technological, Internet-savvy world you need a dynamic web presentation that keeps the user interested and projects the right image for your company. Websites must also meet the challenges of performing consistently on smart devices, platforms and browsers to cater to all the users visiting the site.

Pulse has earned a reputation for building responsive websites that deliver business growth with features that leverage social networking to keep users coming back to the site. All our web systems are Responsive with a CMS for self management, optimized for search engines and designed to be a pleasure to use. Pulse engineers have decades of experience in building both static and dynamic open source websites for clientele such as retailers, manufacturers, service companies, medical facilities, government entities, non-profit organizations among many others.

Some of the responsive web design services we deliver:

  • Designing Responsive layouts
  • Designing custom web site features
  • Designing original artwork and graphics
  • Creating database driven web applications
  • Building mobile friendly systems including advanced location integration.
  • Designing widgets
  • Creating customized slideshows and presentations
  • Social networking integration

Our Responsive Web Design – Fits any digital landscape

We work vigorously to create layers that are flexible and fit any screen size, be it, PC’s, smartphones, tablets, and every other platform. Our talented designers work meticulously to add simplicity to your design using ergonomics, human psychology, and the latest web designing tools. We do not simply transform your desktop website into a mobile website, but conduct an in-depth study of your business goals to understand your vision and objectives.

Features of our responsive web design

  • Our talented team remains updated on the latest trends in web designing to give your website an edge.
  • We understand that smaller screens require a simple yet compelling design.
  • We keep the rule of ‘one eye, one thumb’ when designing for smaller screens.
  • Our designers plan websites that are maintenance-free, fast-loading, and eye-catching.
  • We strive to provide better performance and make your websites maintainence-free to help save time and money.
  • We design a personalised digital strategy as per the requirements of your business.
  • Our team conducts a thorough website analysis while adding browser compatibility and CMS independence.
  • Our responsive design help you capture business opportunities and drive more customer engagement .

How to start the process of planning for a website.

Web Design strategy must start with the purpose of the website, this can be increase in sales, market expansion, introduction to products / services or simply an online web presence to support an offline entity. The Pulse business consulting team can help you conceptualize your goals and build a detailed plan of action.

There are several considerations that must be analysed before you begin your journey towards a successful web presence, some of these are listed below:-

  • Definition of targeted geographical area.
  • Definition of types of audiences.
  • Plotting of ideal web journey for each of the audience types.
  • Relevant phrases for search engine optimization.
  • Integration process with social networking.
  • Creation of relevant and simulating content.
  • Planning for long term management.
  • Planning for traffic analysis.

Things that were considered advanced in the recent past are now mainstream, users expect sites to save them time by keeping things easy to digest and simple, most popular websites have already adopted this mantra by employing mobile compatible sites, text alerts, push notifications and mobile apps.

Content Management Systems, for clients to use themselves, are some of the most popular solutions we have developed. This web-based application helps the user to manage website content through a simple interface. Users can effectively make modifications to contents on a website including adding new pages.

Search engine optimization is packaged with all our web design services, the considerations of search engine optimization start with the layout design stage itself and progress through every step of the web design process, consequently our websites are search engine optimized at go live.

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Based in Vietnam, AZ USA is a luxury boutique selling high-end designer bags, perfumes, watches, makeup, and other luxury accessories, that we help transform into an incredibly user-centric eCommerce website. Need When AZ USA approached us, the brand already had a fantastic brick and mortar store in Vietnam selling luxurious, branded products sourced from the USA. What they needed was help – to design an e-commerce website to showcase their products to a wide range of audience and offer a sophisticated experience for users to browse and buy products. Solution With an in-depth understanding of their target market, we resolved to design an online experience that artfully features their luxurious products. We decided to implement a fully responsive solution backed by the WordPress platform,  and WooCommerce for cart functionality. Design intuitive navigation to enable easier browsing and a frictionless shopping experience Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion Make it easy for visitors to find  exactly what they need Improve device accessibility through responsive web design. Results Working with a company that has impressive visual assets, inspired us to adopt a clean, minimalist design approach to emphasize high-quality products. We focussed on creating a pleasurable user experience for exploring and showcasing products. Ensuring that visitors can easily find what they are looking for based on their interest, the new website showcases the depth, quality, and variety of their offerings. Visiting AZ USA website is now a luxurious experience comparable to their store, letting audience easily navigate through a beautifully designed website to explore all the products. The site is also backed by an SEO marketing strategy to...