Businesses that need to reach practically any type of audience on the web must have a professional website. In today’s technological, Internet-savvy world you need a dynamic web presentation that keeps the user interested and projects the right image for your company. Websites must also meet the challenges of performing consistently on smart devices, platforms and browsers to cater to all the users visiting the site.

Pulse has earned a reputation for building responsive websites that deliver business growth with features that leverage social networking to keep users coming back to the site. All our web systems are Responsive with a CMS for self management, optimized for search engines and designed to be a pleasure to use. Pulse engineers have decades of experience in building both static and dynamic open source websites for clientele such as retailers, manufacturers, service companies, medical facilities, government entities, non-profit organizations among many others.

Some of the responsive web design services we deliver:

  • Designing Responsive layouts
  • Designing custom web site features
  • Designing original artwork and graphics
  • Creating database driven web applications
  • Building mobile friendly systems including advanced location integration.
  • Designing widgets
  • Creating customized slideshows and presentations
  • Social networking integration

Our Responsive Web Design – Fits any digital landscape

We work vigorously to create layers that are flexible and fit any screen size, be it, PC’s, smartphones, tablets, and every other platform. Our talented designers work meticulously to add simplicity to your design using ergonomics, human psychology, and the latest web designing tools. We do not simply transform your desktop website into a mobile website, but conduct an in-depth study of your business goals to understand your vision and objectives.

Features of our responsive web design

  • Our talented team remains updated on the latest trends in web designing to give your website an edge.
  • We understand that smaller screens require a simple yet compelling design.
  • We keep the rule of ‘one eye, one thumb’ when designing for smaller screens.
  • Our designers plan websites that are maintenance-free, fast-loading, and eye-catching.
  • We strive to provide better performance and make your websites maintainence-free to help save time and money.
  • We design a personalised digital strategy as per the requirements of your business.
  • Our team conducts a thorough website analysis while adding browser compatibility and CMS independence.
  • Our responsive design help you capture business opportunities and drive more customer engagement .

How to start the process of planning for a website.

Web Design strategy must start with the purpose of the website, this can be increase in sales, market expansion, introduction to products / services or simply an online web presence to support an offline entity. The Pulse business consulting team can help you conceptualize your goals and build a detailed plan of action.

There are several considerations that must be analysed before you begin your journey towards a successful web presence, some of these are listed below:-

  • Definition of targeted geographical area.
  • Definition of types of audiences.
  • Plotting of ideal web journey for each of the audience types.
  • Relevant phrases for search engine optimization.
  • Integration process with social networking.
  • Creation of relevant and simulating content.
  • Planning for long term management.
  • Planning for traffic analysis.

Things that were considered advanced in the recent past are now mainstream, users expect sites to save them time by keeping things easy to digest and simple, most popular websites have already adopted this mantra by employing mobile compatible sites, text alerts, push notifications and mobile apps.

Content Management Systems, for clients to use themselves, are some of the most popular solutions we have developed. This web-based application helps the user to manage website content through a simple interface. Users can effectively make modifications to contents on a website including adding new pages.

Search engine optimization is packaged with all our web design services, the considerations of search engine optimization start with the layout design stage itself and progress through every step of the web design process, consequently our websites are search engine optimized at go live.

Contact us to see how we can build a successful web site for your products or services.


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Don’t you think it’s about time you put your website in the hands of a responsive website design company? Your clients and potential customers are on the move and have little or no patience if they cannot view your site properly when they are searching for information. In all likelihood, they will ditch you for your competitor’s services! Responsive design will take care of factors such as click versus touch, screen size, pixel resolution, removal of obsolete Flash technology, and optimized markups. You will also maximize Search engine optimization (SEO) and deliver better results on your  digital marketing strategy. How can a responsive web design help your SEO strategy? The law of Google rules In the jungle of Internet Search, Google is king. Google in no ambiguous terms says that the configurations they recommend should mandatorily be that of a responsive web design. Google opines that responsive websites will perform better in search rankings and likes that responsive sites use unique URLs rather than different URLs for separate mobile versions of websites. So, why not follow the leader? Beating down the costs. Isn’t it double trouble all over if you aren’t making a consolidated responsive design?  You would be developing two sites for two mediums, one for the website and one for the mobile! This duplication will incur double costs. Besides, when your targets try to access the advanced options on your site via mobile, they will be redirected to another site. Mobile sites do not support all functions, which will frustrate and anger your harried target. Your SEO costs will also be higher when it has to accommodate...

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In a high-intensity web marketing world, the look and feel of your website as a customer or potential customer browses through is often a reflection of what you can do and how efficient your services will be. One cannot overestimate the power of a well-designed site to attract customers like a bee to a honeypot. Staying contemporary with design to own a website that will dazzle your clients is a must in today’s web intensive business scenario. Professional web design is always evolving. We believe there will be the strong winds of change in 2017, here is a bird’s eye view of how the current is flowing, as we confidently embark on our design journey this year. Design Trends in 2017 Targeting the Visual Senses Nothing works better for catching the human eye than attracting the visual senses. So hero images, the high resolution, brand curated ones, and well-thought, targeted typography will be used to woo customers. The video will continue to be used in content marketing with the tweaks of background video and motion graphics playing out in subtle animation to engage the customer. Custom-made Illustrations that project your company’s uniqueness and brand promise will be in vogue turning your website into a talk of the town place to visit. So, illustrations will replace old stock photos to grab the viewer’s attention. Flat Colors Google Material Design with its flat colors will march on with its popularity status in 2017. Though it isn’t the only approach to the web and mobile app design, its set of principles and best practices will continue the light the way for designers.... – A new web presence!

About Client: Danco provides over 2000 plumbing repair and replacement parts online that have greatly helped customers find the perfect part for their DIY home improvement jobs. Danco’s plumbing repair parts have the most practical designs that are easy to use and work with and make plumbing jobs easy. Need: Danco’s existing website was outdated. They required a new site that would be designed as per the latest trends in web design. It also lacked intuitive features such as ‘find your product’ that helps customers while browsing plumbing parts on online. Other than this, it was not responsive and did not cater to the needs of mobile customers. Customer requested a website that: A new website with a professional web design. Better features for users to browse and find plumbing parts Intuitive designs with features that help customers find parts by answering simple questions. Ability for customers to add a Wishlist to add projects. A How To center with videos that experts at Danco as well as customers can upload. Responsive web designs to cater to the need of mobile customers. Solution: Taking into consideration the client’s requirements and features requested, a CMS driven website using WordPress was developed for this project. The Pulse Team created a website with new and improved features that made it more interactive and convenient for users while they browse and find plumbing products online. A user friendly website built with HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Responsive Web Design, Ajax, Jquery, MYSQL. Stem Finder and Part Finder system which allows customers to find replacement parts by answering a few simple questions. Add to Projects feature which... Elegant web design for casino seating manufacturer

About Client: Gary Platt Manufacturing produces high quality, comfortable seating exclusively for casinos across the U.S. and Canada. The client is an established leader in performance seating and has introduced state of the art ergonomics and comfort to the casino industry. Need: Gary Platt Manufacturings’ existing site was outdated and required a complete revamp. The old website did not offer enough configuration options for the chairs they sell and client needed a professional web design company to rebuild the site to include new interactive features to select the seat style, back options, base options etc. Gary Platt Manufacturing also wanted the new website to be responsive so that it renders well on all types of mobile devices. To revamp the existing website. Provide better features and configuration options for the chairs. Include interactive features for customers to select the seat style and back options. A responsive web design that displays well on all devices. Enable customers to virtually build a custom chair and save as PDF. Create an overall new and refreshing look for the website. Solution: After reviewing the requirement for a revamp of the website to include new features and to make it mobile friendly, the Pulse Team selected WordPress as a platform to design the new site. This Content Management System (CMS) had all the required features to create a website that matched the client’s requirements. A user friendly, attractive website built with a modern design using technology platforms such as WordPress, JQuery, HTML5, Responsive web design. Being CMS driven, this WordPress site offered the client with an easy to use admin interface to add new...

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Being denied access to the web page you wish to visit with a 404 error is very annoying. Hence, a professional web design of 404 pages is important when you need to guide your visitors away from broken links or missing pages. Users generally do not readily understand what a 404 page implies. Some might simply assume that the website is not ‘working’ and browse away. So, when you design 404 pages for your website, make sure that you put yourself in the user’s shoes and make them more usable. Here are a few tips to make your 404 error pages more usable: Do not use the default 404 page Default 404 pages are not very helpful for the user. Many times they only provide an option to go back to the previously loaded page. If the user lands on your page from an outside link, then he is left with only one option – to close your site and look for something else. Keep it familiar When you implement 404 pages, the key trick is to make sure they are in accordance with your site’s original template design. Also, keep the basic structure similar to the remaining site. When a 404 error looks completely different, the user gets confused and might leave your website entirely. It’s a good idea to keep a recognizable banner or logo and a easily understandable message. Keep it basic The page should be designed such that it does not intimidate the user. Once they encounter an error, immediately provide a means to find a solution. You could add a simple search box or...

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