Pulse Solutions offers a unique blend of Visual Manufacturing support services, these include:

  1. Visual Manufacturing deployment consulting
  2. Report generation using Visual Manufacturing SQL Server or Oracle databases
  3. Visual Manufacturing database import services
  4. Integrating Visual Manufacturing with your Ecommerce enabled website.

Visual Manufacturing is an excellent solution geared towards complete automation for a manufacturing corporation. The interface is user friendly and the system can manage all core operations of sales orders, inventory management, production control, purchasing, cost accounting and management reporting.  Pulse Solutions complements Visual Manufacturing’s own reporting functions to build powerful integrated web based tools that allow you to conveniently access, export and integrate data from Visual Manufacturing.

Accurate historical data is crucial for making business decisions, although Visual Manufacturing provides an extensive set of reports they do not account for every business type. A custom reporting engine that Pulse Solutions offers can get you to the data you need to make right business decisions saving thousands of dollars in revenues and man hours.

Our experience in Consulting for Visual Manufacturing extends to over 2 years of building custom solutions for several Visual Manufacturing clients.

Data imports and integration is yet another area where we excel. Visual Manufacturing deployment can be both time consuming as well as error prone. We offer integration services which include importing data into Visual from legacy systems and exporting data out of Visual to support external services like Ecommerce websites and other software systems running on relational database management systems.

Running an online business can be a handful by itself, reentering all of the information into a back end system like Visual Manufacturing can be a major time consuming undertaking causing problems in terms of pricing, shipping options, typos and incorrect quantities. Pulse offers complete integration of Visual Manufacturing to your ecommerce portal.

  1. Online sales orders can automatically be imported into Visual to be processed quickly and efficiently.
  2. Stock information on Visual can be uploaded in real time to your ecommerce portal ensuring customers know the lag time for an order without calling your support desk.
  3. Order status on Visual can be uploaded live for your customers to see their order status in real time.

Call us or email us today to make the most out out of your Visual Manufacturing investment.

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