The ultimate goal for a Restaurant, Hotel or any other type of hospitality service provider is to not only bring the guest to the establishment but to also ensure the service is enriching and fulfilling.

Enhancing operations with mobility i.e. smartphones and tablets is on the rise, users expect to use any of their smart devices to book a room, check in, and check out. Innovations on smart devices often lead to exceptional business results.

The modern consumer has access to an enormous amount of data in terms of restaurant reviews, hotel ratings, first hand  accounts, bloggers, professional ratings agency reviews and more. To master all the avenues and ensure the right and truthful review reaches the average consumer is the goal we work towards.

The website has a primary role to play here as most patrons visit the restaurant well before stepping in to ensure the restaurant matches their needs and the menu is to their liking, it’s important that the website gives the right feel to the visiting user in terms of aesthetics and directs the user to a simple and easy reservation, online order or catering request process.

For a hospitality service provider the customers are in a limited geographic area, this limitation is a very important factor in designing, managing and promoting their web sites and IT systems.

Pulse Value:-

Our web design solutions for hotels and restaurants try to imbibe the nature of the establishment, to bring out the essence of good service and great ambiance.

We understand the needs of the hospitality industry in the face of a changing business climate and rising costs. We help establishments in reaching users, delivering value and analysing data to improve service and profits.

Over the years we have worked with 100s of restaurants, hotels, vacation related sites as well as unique destinations like horse riding ranches and hill station city councils. We have build custom solutions and often integrated with legacy backends to ensure the customer gets access to all pertinent data without having to go through a manual process.

More and more establishments are aiming at consumers that are conscious about their carbon footprint, Go green is fast becoming an important factor in attracting clients. An efficient IT model helps restaurants forecast accurately and generate less waste. We are at the forefront of this effort with our integrated smart POS + web design solutions.

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Bumble Bee Junk is a Los Angeles a junk removal service to help the community fight environmental issues due to a large population that obtains junk and unwanted items over time. The disposal and dumping stations are not convenient and we wanted to fill that void. Rather we wanted to take your junk and leave you with a clean void. After much local success in the North San Fernando area, we expanded to include all of the Southern California San Fernando valley. The junk removal industry has tough competition and we have started with a small pick-up truck, to a large pick up truck and van and finally able to finance a trailer and large flat bed truck. With hard work and dedication, client feedback and positive reviews we have been able to build a bigger hive and send our worker bees throughout Los Angeles County. Pulse UI team was hired to find a perfect match being aesthetics and function, this led to the creation of an attractive wordpress based site that can be easily managed and looks great on all smart devices. The website only only makes it quick to request junk removal but also integrates with a CRM to track requests effectively. Traffic has improved overall due to search engine optimization. Learn more at...

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Your website is a vital tool in your branding and marketing efforts, and plays a pivotal role to gain an edge in of one of the biggest marketplace right now: the Internet. However, many websites fail to boost their online visibility and fizzle out without garnering any attention. The internet today is populated with millions of websites that are unable to motivate visitors to avail their offerings and expand their horizon. Below are some of the reasons why websites fail. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can help your website reach its goal. 1) Making your website look like your competitors Generic websites and cookie-cutter systems do not offer anything new to visitors. A website needs to bring something unique to the table to gain instant attention of the users. Whether you are offering custom services or selling organic products, it is important to create ingenious designs and features, to let your visitors gauge the difference between your services and your competitors to make you stand out. 2) Flashy websites don’t make great websites If your website is loaded with heavy technology, it becomes difficult for the search engine to determine the content, which leads to poor penetration. It is important to establish which technology is vital to the website’s success, and which one you can easily discontinue. A basic, easy to load website is far more likely to succeed than a graphic-burdened, hard to load, and difficult to navigate flashy website. Also, heavy websites do not look good on cell phones or tablets – a prime market for your online presence. Finding a balance should be the top...

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About Client The client, Richard Allen is a former Special Forces Sergeant, having extensive experience in restaurant management, and has worked as a restaurant/hotel consultant with more than 30 years of professional experience in helping companies become more profitable. Requirement The client wanted to develop a smart, sophisticated, and affordable point of sale (POS) Software for meeting the demands of small restaurants, as well as, national chains. The client was seeking a solution that helps to raise productivity of restaurants, saves escalating labor costs, and brings down the expense of sales and marketing with inbuilt marketing tools. The client intended to reach out to restaurant owners to help offset the increasing cost of labor as a result of the rising minimum wage in the U.S. Solution Pulse Solutions helped design a modern point of sale software that utilizes Apple’s iPad and iPhone technologies and cloud data storage using the 4.0, MSSQL Server 2012, and SOAP Web services technologies. We proposed to design the POS system that will not only take the hassles out of restaurant key processes, but will also prove to be an affordable solution for Restaurant, Bar, Coffee shop, or any similar business by taking full advantage of Apple’s iPad and iPhone technologies. It will provide both small and big businesses take advantage of real solutions and enhance their productivity. Results achieved We designed a simple and cost-effective solution that helped to decrease operational costs and brought better customer satisfaction, helping to increase the overall performance of the restaurants. Our team developed a blueprint in accordance with the requirements of the client, and integrated rich features..., Web design for charity

Al Zohra Education Trust is an Islamic registered charity based in Slough, Berkshire (UK), dedicated to education and poverty alleviation in the UK and overseas. Shahnaz Akhtar founded the Trust more than ten years ago. Following the devastating 2004 earthquake in Pakistan, she started to raise funds in the local community to support the relief effort. Inspired by her work, a group of sisters joined her and remain part of the Trust’s core team of volunteers today. The charity gradually expanded becoming registered in 2009, and continues to be run entirely by a team of sisters. Pulse Solutions was contracted to build a site that inspired confidence, displayed information about Al Zohra achievements and above all be fun and easy to browse. A simple hard hitting wordpress theme with tastefully deployed pictures make the site attractive, clear and fun. The site generates more donations as well as creates far more awareness about the problems Al Zohra is fighting...

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Doctor’s Choice Fitness was created to provide the most comprehensive and innovative medically supervised Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Loss program in the industry. Working with the top fitness instructors they are able to deliver amazing results! Doctors Choice works directly with your doctor and by combining scientifically supported Nutrition, Weight Loss Techniques, Certified Personal Training Protocols, Yoga and Pilates with their proprietary “In Home” training model, they are able to help the 80% of Americans who will not go to a gym. Their fitness professionals come to your home, office or a local park to provide a fat-shredding, muscle-building workout at below-market pricing while allowing you to skip going to a gym. The need was a professional fitness instructor website that is aesthetically pleasing as well as effective in explaining this unique service. The plan included automation in client account creation, API calls to payment gateway and a simple process of sign up for both users and doctors. The site needed to attract both users and doctors alike, this unique prerequisite made the project challenging, our design team created several drafts and worked closely with the client to get the exact mix of aesthetics and information. Pulse designers built up a theme that matches the needs perfectly, the website is clear in its purpose and transfers the message in seconds to a prospect. Users know what they are getting and the results they can expect while using Doctors Choice and Practitioners see it as a whole new way of improving their patients lives. Find your fitness at Doctors Choice Fitness, Los Angeles, visit...