Video Designing for YouTube

Use videos to propel your business to great heights of success! Using videos is a one of the easy ways of getting more traffic. Videos can help you explain your web product easily and effectively. Video designing for YouTube has gained tremendous popularity for these reasons. A well designed video uploaded to YouTube can bring your business the traffic it deserves! YouTube has redefined the concept of brand promotion. Video designing for YouTube can help generate a great deal of awareness about a company, product or service. In fact, the benefits of uploading videos to YouTube are multifarious. Entices attention
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Facebook business page design

Pulse Solutions Specializes in building apps that closely integrate with Facebook. We offer Facebook integration programming, automated wall posts and services to create company Facebook pages. Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world. Starting from humble beginnings to serve students this platform that evolved into a mammoth all-encompassing engine that is used by millions every day. Corporations have slowly gravilated towards this medium for both advertising and content dissemination. More and more websites are signing up for Facebook pages and keeping the Facebook page updated and interesting has thrown up its own challenges. Pulse Solutions helps
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QuickBooks Integration Component

What is QuickBooks? QuickBooks is a line of business accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit. Small businesses use QuickBooks for most financially-related business processes, from entering sales receipts, tracking expenses, preparing and sending invoices, sales tax tracking and payment, preparation of basic financial statements and reports, and inventory management. For most tasks, QuickBooks doesn’t require users to understand standard accounting procedures, including double-entry bookkeeping. Most transactions are recorded using on-line screens that closely resemble paper based forms such as invoices or checks. The Need To integrate your QuickBooks accounting data, such as sales figures, with an external application, such
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Working Through A Social Media Campaign

Before venturing out into the vast unknown, create your social media road map – a map of the social web as it pertains to your business. Gather all the sites that would be most interested in what you have to say and segment them by type (blogs, social networks, social news sites, forums, etc) and by target audience / topical interest. Your plan should lay out which strategies you’re focusing your efforts on – preferably the ones that put your offer directly in front of the people most likely to be interested in it. Lay out what your goals are
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Visual Manufacturing Support and Integration services

Pulse Solutions offers a unique blend of Visual Manufacturing support services, these include: Visual Manufacturing deployment consulting Report generation using Visual Manufacturing SQL Server or Oracle databases Visual Manufacturing database import services Integrating Visual Manufacturing with your Ecommerce enabled website. Visual Manufacturing is an excellent solution geared towards complete automation for a manufacturing corporation. The interface is user friendly and the system can manage all core operations of sales orders, inventory management, production control, purchasing, cost accounting and management reporting.  Pulse Solutions complements Visual Manufacturing’s own reporting functions to build powerful integrated web based tools that allow you to conveniently
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Google Analytics Integration and management

Google analytics is THE most powerful website statistics tool available on the web, the best part is the software is completely free to use for everybody. Analytics not only lets you see a report of how many users visited your website it can provide rich information about visitors demographics, location, sources of the visit, keywords, campaigns, referrals and over 100 other parameters that help you understand your traffic better. Google analytics is a very powerful tool for conversion tracking, this is tracking where your leads are coming from, the goal is to understand what kind of users get converted to
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Ecommerce Sage line 50 integration Services

It is always a challenge to create a solution that seamlessly integrates with an accounting program, ecommerce and accounting solutions generally do not work well unless they have been written to coexist. This has changed for Sage as we can integrate almost any software with Sage to create a 2 way data exchange. Sage is an enormously popular account program used by millions in the UK and USA. Several of these merchants also sell online, seamless integration of their ecommerce systems to the Sage software is something they only dream about. There are several off the shelf solutions but the
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AJAX Development

Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of technologies that enables a web application to exchange data with the web server without a page refresh. As compared to Client Server applications web pages work in a disconnected environment, as soon as the web page is loaded the connection is dropped and the webpage continues to display without the server being connected in real time. Often web pages need to go back and forth several times to download data sets like reporting information, data lists, products, rich text information and more. This creates time consuming page refreshes which could take
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