Publishers are being driven to automation due to the increasing pressures of the online age, from Onix feeds to EDI interconnections the industry is getting better connected and communication has become key.

More and more Authors are taking an active role in the way their book is marketed and foreign rights revenue has become a very important factor in the overall profitability of the book business.

Agreements with Google, Apple and Amazon has brought a large portion of books to handhelds and online readers. the concept of publishing has changed dramatically in the past few years.

Authors are increasingly turning to self publishing, due to the nature of the business they need to build websites with online previews to promote their books themselves, these websites need to imbibe the essence of the book and the style of the author.

The industry is at a very exciting juncture where technology is transforming the way users consume books and publishers sell them, book rights are now sold globally in 100s of languages and reaching an audience in the farthest corners of the earth has suddenly become so much simpler.

Pulse Value:-

Pulse Solutions has worked with industry stalwarts like Publishers Weekly and Combined Book, we have delivered IT solutions for many large publishing houses, authors and literary agencies over the years. We understand the book publishing industry intimately with all its intricate dependencies and specific business needs.

Pulse brings over a decade of experience in this industry to assist publishers, authors, agents and service providers deliver a richer and more functional web and mobile experience to their users. is our formost contribution to the publishing industry, this system has become the leading networking portal for publishers, authors, agencies and service providers. This is the only mainstream system that enables online rights transactions for independent authors and publishers. A rights repository that has opened up foreign markets for 1000s of authors.

Our solutions including publishers websites, author web sites, book introduction sites and online secure book previews are being used by millions across the world, we are constantly improving upon our offering for the publishing industry so as to keep pace with the changing industry.

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Access conversion to PHP MySQL web based system Access has been long standing as small business database software, several corporations that lacked resources to invest in a fully fledged automation system started using Microsoft Access to achieve basic automation objectives. Through version 1.0 in the mid nineties to Access 2008 the software has evolved to become better and more scalable, in spite of the improvements the core architecture of Access is limited both in terms of amount of data that can be stored, scalability and integration capabilities. Get Started Technology Involved PHP 60% MySQL 70% HTML5 40% CSS3 90% Pulse has a team of Access conversion specialists, these are Access programming gurus who work towards upgrading access based systems to php / mysql based web applications that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and also scale to any desired level. PHP / MySQL Web applications are inherently more functional and easier to modify as compared to Access software, your web application can send you automated emailed reports, show you live alerts, include bars / graphs / charts, live pdf conversion, online faxing both incoming and outgoing and much more. Access based software’s were traditionally shared over VPNs, this was a painfully slow and unreliable process making it very hard for engineers on the field or employees working from home to be efficient. Web based software makes remote access a pleasure as the software has a very low footprint and runs off any popular browser. Technologies like flash, AJAX, Silver light, Java and DHTML make the interface rich and interactive, procedures that took several minutes in Access can...

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The Combined Book Exhibit Inc., contracted Pulse to build a social networking portal that caters specifically to the publishing community. This system was created from ground up by talented Pulse designers and storyboard artists giving it a distinct Web 2.0 feel with a slick interface that has already attracted 100s of members in the first week of launch. Visit today! Technologies used were PHP 5, MySQL 5, AJAX, Lightbox, Javascript and advanced HTML techniques. Whether you're looking for someone to publish your book, represent you as an author, or on the hunt for the next bestseller, is your starting point. Create a free account as either a publisher, author, or agent/agency, and explore all that has to offer – which is more than you think. Sure, you can find the contact information for loads of publishers or find the perfect agent, but at, you can also preview unpublished manuscripts, find best-selling books from countries across the world, and post titles you have available for rights transactions. Like an international book fair, is more than just a place to meet your industry peers, it’s a place to develop business relationships specifically catered to the international publishing industry....