Five digital marketing trends

The digital marketing space in 2017 will bear witness to a lot of trends which will shake up the industry and pave the way for experimentation and innovation in the field. Though you would need to pay heed to only those positively affecting your business objectives and goals, some universal movements are creating ripples on the scene. Taking stock of these inclinations and after that implementing changes into your online marketing strategy is to stir up sales for your brand.

5 important digital marketing developments in 2017:

Prognostic Approach

There is a shifting from traditional web analytics to predictive analytics. While traditional web analytics is a good way to measure the ROI of previous campaigns, they fail to help marketers understand how the future will pan out fully. Predictive analytics is more thorough and apt, employing machine learning to create algorithms that can analyze large datasets and make judgments about future performances – eliminating the need for analysts and marketers to dissect massive volumes of data generated by analytics. To make educated guesses about how future campaigns will perform. In predictive analytics, prospects are discovered as their attributes and behavior bear a resemblance to current customers. Online marketing companies can then freely woo these potential customers who have been identified as their future buyers. They need not shoot in the dark for targeting new business.

The Bang-On Effect

Universally appealing messages often misfire. They cannot bring in the required customers as they dwindle in their effectiveness on account of their general messaging.  The year 2017 will see the tide shifting towards personalization; messages and experiences that are designed to tempt the individual into a purchase decision. An online marketing solution to get into the heart and minds of your targeted audience could mean refocusing your home page content to the gender you wish to target or re imaging messages for those who come back to your site again and again in order to make them take that step towards a real purchase.

Social advertising

As social advertising has ballooned with the meteoric rise in audiences as compared to years ago, and as network owners have tossed and turned to make money out of advertising, opportunities to run effective ad campaigns on these networks have been improving. At the same time, the organic reach on these platforms has gradually decreased; businesses have to invest in paid media to reach users on social networks. Across the US, ad agencies are keeping a large portion of their ad spend on social advertising.

IoT will reshape the future

By the year 2020, it will be a connected world in the real sense of the word. Seventy-five billion connected devices are expected to be in a position to talk to one another, making IoT one of the most important marketing technology applications that are reshaping the future. On account of the intermingling of data, the way we lead our lives will be very different from the present. Things are progressively moving in this direction.

More attention on Conversion Rate Optimization

There is no new trending in conversion rate optimization, but one must pay good attention to this arm of digital marketing – a process of testing and making changes to your website to rise the speed at which users complete a desired action like purchasing an item or filling out and submitting a contact form.

Following these trends and leveraging them to your advantage will bring in more sales in 2017.

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Five digital marketing trends that can drive sales for your brand

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