Digital Marketing for Kitten Care

Meet the client:

The National Kitten Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the survival rates of kittens. The client’s mission is to educate and train animal shelter staff, rescue groups, veterinary communities, volunteers and fosters to provide high-quality, cost-effective care; providing outreach and educational materials to animal welfare and veterinary professionals and the public; and promoting cooperation and information sharing within the animal welfare community.

When The National Kitten Coalition came to Pulse Solutions, they were looking for a greater understanding of SEO best practices and build awareness about their services. The client believed that their SEO footprint was not strong enough. They needed an SEO strategy to improve brand reputation, build organic traffic, and raise worthwhile donations for their noble cause. Their need was twofold: build an SEO strategy capable of conveying company information, and ensuring that their passion reaches their target customers so they can raise donations for their charity.

After several meetings with the NKC team, we created a customized SEO package that was designed to achieve their SEO goals and also for their budget. As with every client, Pulse Solutions kicked off this campaign doing extensive research into the client’s service areas, and identified not only competitors and their positioning, but also their target market. These strategies are integrated by experienced strategists, which leads to success in all areas of the campaign. Though the course of our research, we developed a strategic plan which focussed on but was not limited to:

  • Analyzed the website to learn current rank, review the website’s analytics, and determine the keywords that set them apart
  • A slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages, which could negatively affect indexation. We worked on page speed optimization to improve website architecture and increase their website speed
  • To achieve digital marketing success leveraging a location-based strategy, we optimized ‘Google My Business’. This helped increase the client’s local exposure.


After months of putting hard work and diligent efforts, we were able to improve SEO footprint. The client’s organic search engine rankings skyrocketed, and many of previously not indexed pages were now being crawled regularly by search engine spiders.

  • Unique visitors to the site increased after the optimization was completed
  • NKC was able to raise significant donations to support their noble cause
  • Enhanced search results for all the related keywords
  • Have strengthened the authority of the website in the eyes of Google

At Pulse Solutions, we uncover the areas that affect your rankings and website traffic. Contact us today to drive your company towards success in the digital world.

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Digital Marketing for Kitten Care and Training Provider – The National Kitten Coalition | Case Study

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