Our specialized marketing teams work to increase your conversions, repeat traffic, and expand your online visibility.

Going beyond rankings, our Digital Marketing team emphasizes on proving you with complete Online Marketing Solutions to help you increase your online visibility, build a brand reputation and lay the foundation for business growth.

The internet is a massive maze of websites, and in order to stand out, attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers you will require strategic planning as well as the use of marketing techniques that can help you cut through the competition to create an unbeatable online ‘presence’. Our team of experts can help you formulate some of the key traffic generation strategies and drive quality traffic to your website.

We begin with a thorough evaluation of your website and perform a keyword research so that all our marketing efforts are highly targeted to carve your niche and improve your brand value. Our marketing techniques are a mix of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Web Analytics Services to achieve the best results for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for those businesses that are looking for a competitive advantage in search results. It entails all the essential optimization of on-page content, design and HTML along with off-page content distribution strategies to drive traffic and help improve conversion rates. Online advertising and PPC are the most effective means to reach out to a targeted set of customers. Our team puts together a marketing campaign that is customized to your nature of business so that you get maximum returns on your investment. With Web Analytics Services, we ensure that you have all the data that is necessary to build a successful marketing campaign.

Our Online Marketing Process

Planning and strategizing
Every business is different. Our very first step is to analyze your industry vertical, understand your business, its unique marketing requirements and study the competitive landscape. Our internet marketing professionals perform an extensive research that includes the study of the data from your site’s analytics, backlink portfolio analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis and lots more. All this data is then used to develop an outline of the marketing campaign.

Quality Traffic
There is a significant difference between high volumes of traffic and ‘quality’ traffic. Our marketing efforts are directed towards driving quality traffic to your website – essentially, the users who are most likely to use your products or services are targeted. In this way, we can ensure that the traffic we drive to your business will most likely engage with your website and take action and eventually convert.

Conversions and Customer Retention
Driving traffic to your site is of no use unless the website is optimized to give these users what they expect and more. The user experience and interaction with your site decide whether the visitor stays or browses away. Our marketing experts help optimize your website to ensure that there is an appropriate ‘call to action’ such as a form to fill or a purchase button or some other desired action. These are essential elements to improve conversion rates. A customer must not be lost once he has successfully landed on your page. On the other hand, it is also important to keep constant communication with your existing customers. Our marketing experts ensure this by using re-marketing and other techniques.

Our Online Marketing Solutions Include:

  • SEO Consulting – During a consultation, our professionals examine your website, provide expert analysis and provide you with detailed reports on how to fix issues if any.
  • Keyword Research – Keywords are by far the most important elements of online marketing. We perform a thorough keyword research to ensure that all marketing efforts are highly targeted to your potential market. Selecting the right keywords ensure that your business gets its deserved rankings, visibility and presence online.
  • Current rankings analysis – Initially, we monitor your website’s current rankings in all the major search engines. We create a list of keywords that your customers most commonly use to ‘find’ your business online. These keywords are then used as the basis for all online campaigns.
  • On-page Optimization – A detailed audit of your website is carried out to identify issues such as broken links, sparse content or the use of relevant keywords, etc. Fixing these on-page issues is a priority, and we ensure that this is the very first step in the process. We also ensure that images, videos and content is optimized as per the general SEO guidelines.
  • Link Profiles – Building a quality link profile is one of the most important parts of building an online reputation. We devise techniques that attract quality backlinks to your website to give your site appropriate exposure. Removing toxic links that are potentially damaging to your site’s reputation and ranking is also a part of the process.
  • Web Analytics – We analyse your website with the help of powerful tools such as Google Analytics etc. and prepare detailed reports that provide you with insights into the current status of your site, future opportunities and potential pitfalls. Competitor analysis, target audience and market share provides enough data to formulate a long term strategy for your business. We also make recommendations such as changes in web design, keywords or content.
  • Reputation Management – Reputation management is an essential component of all forms of marketing. With online marketing, building a brand and maintaining its reputation is of utmost importance. Our team ensures that your business gets optimum exposure in all the right places online to build a strong brand.

Our highly customized internet marketing and search engine optimization services ensure that your business achieves the best possible results. We work with small, medium and large businesses and adopt a strategy that is suitable for your unique requirements so as to increase your conversions, drive greater traffic and improve your online visibility. Our specialized marketing team helps generate leads that can be converted into loyal customers.

As more and more customers rely on the internet to make purchases, we ensure that your business is at the forefront, is easily accessible and approachable to these customers.

For more information and consultation, please feel free to contact us.

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