Work Flow Management Systems

Workflow management system

Workflow software empowers your enterprise to automate workflow management and change management by making it easier to envision, capture and execute workflows for a wide range of business functions.

Every corporation has a custom working process that’s geared towards specific business goals. We specialize in building work flow management systems and custom business automation softwares for unique work flows. Building database driven systems for over 500 small and large businesses over a period of 19 years, we have in-depth knowledge on how to build user-friendly, powerful and intuitive systems.

We have worked closely with a range of industries including publishing, manufacturing, retail, services, news media, law enforcement and event management.
Our web-based workflow management systems support virtual and distributed organizations, as well as cross-organizational workflows by using open protocols and standard formats to deliver services.
Web based systems offer innumerable other advantages most prominently low maintenance, easy deployment, universal compatibility and infinite scalability.
Some of our most popular work flow management systems: 
  • Manufacturing process, work order to after sales service.

In today’s business environment professionals are hard pressed to manage information and perform their job responsibilities at the same time. A well designed work flow management system relieves your employees off the information management responsibilities helping them become more productive with a better quality of life.

Pulse Solutions can give you the tools you need to manage, customize and share information within your group or over the web.

Our custom work flow management systems offer the latest technologies including AJAX, drag and drop and quick loading attractive interfaces to make the user experience as easy as possible.

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