Independent Quality Assurance

The Pulse Testing department works as an independent software testing agency working on in house projects as well as testing software for other software development companies, corporations and individuals. Pulse is an independent quality assurance agency. We have an independent software testing & quality assurance team that works as an independent software testing agency for in-house and other software development companies, corporations and individuals. Years of experience and a world class testing process makes us one of the top software quality assurance agency for the web applications domain. We not only test new products, we make change management a lot
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Spiritual book by Jocelyne Ranucci

Jocelyne Ranucci shares her spiritual journey and gives us the tools, knowledge and inspiration to change ourselves and our life, as she did through her book “From Childhood to Christhood”. The challenge was to create a site that simple and clear to match the message in the book. As website was needed to introduce the book to its viewers and give them a glimpse of the content within at the same time introducing Jocelyne as a well accomplished author. Pulse engineers built the website like a simple to read and understand book, the single page concept with use of parallax
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Online booking system for horse riding in Rocky Mountain National park

Hi Country Stables runs the only two horse riding stables that are located inside the Rocky Mountain National Park. The stables are open for summer rides only and they have provided facilities and equipment needed to meet all your special needs. The staff are well trained and dedicated to making your ride as safe, fun, and enjoyable as possible. Rides of varying lengths of time and destinations are offered on an advanced booking basis. Stables in the area have a herd of over 1800 horses to serve you with. Hi Country Stables ( has experienced a boost in sales since
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Tronitech expand its business and services in a growing imaging service market

Tronitech is a dynamic company with a unique sales model, helping retailers to establish their own imaging service business, from start-up to full service, on a partner basis. A side-by-side partnership is established with every reseller, where the reseller can get immediate access to all the services Tronitech offers that can help him get his own business off on a strong flying start. When the reseller succeeds, so does Tronitech; when they face challenges and troubles, so does Tronitech, the reseller is never alone. Entry expenses are kept at low levels and Tronitech follows a pay-as-you-go model for low monthly
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Pulse deploys East Carolina Alumni Association alumni website

The East Carolina Alumni Association started its Business Directory in October 2013 to help ECU alumni to easily find other Pirate Professionals in local or global businesses, working to connect alumni members to each other to fulfill their needs for expert help, advice, services or products. Here you can showcase your business to more than 200,000 ECU alumni and help build a network of trusted alumni experts in a wide range of fields. East Carolina Alumni Association East Carolina Alumni Association ( has been able to extend its reach globally through its up to date directory, mass communications and simple
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Pulse builds Haggle Free Auto Sales which offers a User-friendly Auction site for selling private vehicles

Haggle Free Auto Sales team has over 45 years of collective experience in related fields of automotive, finance, aviation and education. They have drawn on that experience with an eye for customer satisfaction. Their aim is to provide you with the platform that takes away the inconvenience of selling your vehicle; making it easy, quick and for the best possible price. They also are addressing the need for dealers to have a steady flow of quality vehicles for their business so both parties will obtain good benefits through their unique service. Haggle Free Auto Sales has been able to reach
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Pulse contributes to Commercial Linen’s customer service with easy-to-use Shopping Cart

Commercial Linen supplies wholesale linens for Health Care homes, Hotels, Landlords, and Prisons, sourced from reliable UK suppliers for British manufactured linens or the best quality imports when needed. Providing a high level of service and great savings for loyal patrons since 2010, Commercial Linen is known for quality products that are easy to care for but durable and dependable with fire retardant, waterproof and MSRA free stock available for most products. The Bedding Range covers pillows, double, single and fitted sheets, beds and mattresses with waterproof protectors, and duvets. For luxury hotel linen there is the Percale range available
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Pulse builds gateway for World Bank CTs development programs

In countries across Africa, Asia, Central Europe, and Latin America an increasing number of institutes and organisations are turning to cash transfer programs, or CTs, to help decrease poverty, encourage human capital accumulation, and protect households from disasters and other risks. Cash transfer programs reach across a wide range of levels to target the specific needs of each area, providing the necessary benefits to cover enough of the needs for each group it is designed for. Throughout the developing world CTs are now enjoying remarkable success, especially in supporting early childhood development goals. The concepts presented on Cash Dividends expounds
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Pulse Broadens the Scope of Claremont Small Town Dentistry Through Original Web Creation

Named after it’s sole practitioner, Dr. David Seccombe dental clinic is an Esthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry practice in the town of Claremont, California. The state of the art high-tech facility that is beautifully appointed and the long-term staff, provide expertise in the field of dentistry solutions. The clinic has a dual goal for each patient: preventative focus and long-term solutions for dental care. Because of their exceptional care and concern for the wants and needs of each patient, the little clinic has been a constant buzz over the years with a steady crowd of both first-timers and long-term patients. The
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