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Tronitech is a dynamic company with a unique sales model, helping retailers to establish their own imaging service business, from start-up to full service, on a partner basis. A side-by-side partnership is established with every reseller, where the reseller can get immediate access to all the services Tronitech offers that can help him get his own business off on a strong flying start. When the reseller succeeds, so does Tronitech; when they face challenges and troubles, so does Tronitech, the reseller is never alone. Entry expenses are kept at low levels and Tronitech follows a pay-as-you-go model for low monthly fees.

Tronitech is the developer and marketer of docTeam Imaging Suite that incorporates all the necessary features for a comprehensive imaging full-service provider. Tronitech has an excellent avenue through this attractive web site to appeal to potential resellers who want to become a part of the Imaging Magic that Tronitech is creating. The layout is clear and eye-catching, it is easy to navigate, and the text clearly presents the Tronitech business plan for helping new fledgling imaging service businesses get a good start in this new, developing industry.

The web site design had to be text friendly, as Tronitech had a lot to share with clients and resellers through text presentations, with few graphics needed. The layout had to be attractive and easy to read and smooth flowing in presenting the information. The site needed built-in email response for contacting the company and a reliable link for tech support. Social network links were important for a wider exposure to potential clients and partners.

Pulse Solutions used Wordpress as the web design tool that best supplied the needs for the company. The social network connectivity was built-in and placed on top of the home page for easier access. A 1-800 telephone number was secured for a trouble-free and reliable tech support link for nationwide coverage. Cloud storage technology was built-in for ease of data and image storage and retrieval from any location. An email response form was included to make contacting the company a simple yet effective operation. All links to the parts of the site were posted on top and on bottom for quicker connectivity for the convenience of their customers, a user-friendly feature. Tronitech is a young company but is expecting to grow quickly and broaden its client and partner base. This site is very supportive of that vision and they are pleased to see the results provided by Pulse.

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