David Seccombe DDS General Dentistry Team

Named after it’s sole practitioner, Dr. David Seccombe dental clinic is an Esthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry practice in the town of Claremont, California. The state of the art high-tech facility that is beautifully appointed and the long-term staff, provide expertise in the field of dentistry solutions. The clinic has a dual goal for each patient: preventative focus and long-term solutions for dental care. Because of their exceptional care and concern for the wants and needs of each patient, the little clinic has been a constant buzz over the years with a steady crowd of both first-timers and long-term patients.

The clinic has taken the concept of ‘tooth care’ a step further in providing their patients with a comprehensive Hygiene Program as well, through which they can prevent and manage periodontal disease, receding gums, bad breath, cavities, and cracked or worn out teeth. The Doctor and his staff take time with each patient to analyse any and all dental history as well as the current condition in order to help the patient reach their personal dental health goals. The creation of the official Dr. David Seccombe clinic’s website, www.claremont-dentist.com, meant that more and more people in Claremont were within reach of the exceptional dental care provided by clinic.

The Dr. David Seccombe clinic, or DDS clinic, has had success in providing their patients with top notch dental care over the years, however they needed a website that could consolidate and ‘spread the word’ about the full range of their exceptional services available in Claremont. After discussion on the matter, the clinic approached Pulse Solutions for the creation of an official web space and web design that would accurately combine the history, basic information, and services of the clinic.

Pulse created the website using PHP, MySQL, and WordPress as web development tools in setting up the structure. The outcome was a website that positively displays the key features of the clinic through simple page structure and layout of information as well as easy navigation and user friendly end experiences. Through constructively outlining services provided by the clinic and exceptional dental care available, Pulse was able to ensure that the Dr. David Seccombe clinic will be able to reach out to many more patients in their area and make a difference in the field of dentistry.

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Pulse Broadens the Scope of Claremont Small Town Dentistry Through Original Web Creation

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