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Have you ever wondered why there is an unusual spike in your website leads? And, how did all the visitors find you online? Was it the PPC campaign you ran a few days ago, or the ad you ran on a popular website or is the increased traffic directly related to the organic SEO results?

Generating online leads is undoubtedly the best part of having a website for your business. It implies you are passively acquiring new potential customers every day, resulting in better customer relationships and business expansion. The number of visitors on your website equals the number of opportunities you have to build a bigger email list, sell more products or services, or increase your form conversions.

By taking control of measuring your marketing efforts and your data analysis, you’ll be able to enhance the quantity and quality of sales leads while allocating your budget based on ROI. That is why it’s so crucial to have accurate information on where your leads and inquiries are coming from! The more data you acquire, the more you can adjust to replicate the experience and make the increased visits, the frequent visits. You need accurate data and hard numbers to guide your lead generation strategy.

It will be wonderful to have a simple, uncomplicated, and precise way to attribute a lead to the specific channel.

That’s why at Pulse Solutions, we offer tools and strategies to get in-depth data on traffic sources within your forms that track every lead that you get, including your site’s traffic, visitor behavior, and on-site conversions.
One of the many tools that we use is Google Tag Manager to capture details from your online forms. Using Google Tag Manager, we track details such as keywords used, referral links, details of users filling the form on the site, and many more.
Google tag manager for form tracking
By adding the following fields to all the emails you receive, we crunch data to give you the source of lead generated from the website. They are:

  • IP
  • Date
  • Time
  • HTTP User-Agent
  • Referrer URL
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Referrer
  • Campaign
  • Content
  • Keywords

For example, if you are running an advertising campaign, our experts will employ the URL builder and send the above data of all the forms that are filled by users. Or, if a user filled a form using information from Google, you will be able to interpret that the Source was Google, and the lead was organic.

All of the above data is crucial for your business since it’s useful for guiding your future marketing strategy. You create new content similar to successful pages, can prioritize pages to optimize, target new user base, and more — all from data captured from your contact forms.

Case study:

AssessTEAM – a popular employee performance management software – approached Pulse Solutions to help them gather the source of the leads they receive on their website.

AssessTEAM generates leads through a host of online options such as PPC campaigns, demo requests and free trials, Facebook ads, emails, web forms, and other mediums. Thus, it was becoming challenging for them to manage leads.

AssessTEAM needed help to determine where leads come from and how the leads were contacted or reached. Finding the source of the lead will allow AssessTEAM to understand whether it’s organic and genuine.

Pulse Solutions employed the right tools in the system to capture the details generated from their online forms giving them all the critical information such as source URL, medium, IP address, and more on their fingertips. Now, AssessTEAM can plan their online marketing efforts more effectively by discovering which online campaigns are bringing the most qualified leads.

By implementing a centralized process to manage lead information, AssessTEAM can now know what types of leads are coming to their site and build a marketing model around it. For companies where lead generation spans across different models, having a smart system in place to manage leads will help to correlate marketing efforts, like new landing pages, campaigns, other advertisements, as well as give clues into how well they work.

Since it helps to capture the source, AssessTEAM can now identify what marketing campaigns are working and what’s not.
Assessteam casestudy

Do you want more leads from the Internet? In our years of experience, we’ve helped countless clients get the results they need for their business to grow. Contact us today to see how Pulse Solutions can improve your online marketing performance.

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