MaxLife Industries Case Study: How Pulse Solutions Redesigned Their Website

Maxlife Industries’s Website Redesigned

Meet the client:

MaxLife Industries is a manufacturer of innovative building enclosure products that are shipped throughout North America to construct commercial, multifamily, healthcare, and many other types of buildings. Over the past three years, the ten-year-old company has won numerous national design and construction awards that have led MaxLife to forecast significant growth ahead. MaxLife Industries is an owned subsidiary of Salisbury-based Taylor Clay Products, the nation’s largest privately-owned custom brick manufacturing business.


MaxLife Industries’ website lacked the innovation of their products, was vulnerable to security hacks, was outdated, and had a patchy document section. The document section was also extremely difficult to update. The website was built many years ago and while it contained loads of valuable information, it was confusing to navigate, had too much data, and had areas where the same content was duplicated across multiple pages.


Our team spent their time digging into the core of who MaxLife was, how their site operated, pain points with the current website, and getting to know their target audience. We needed to create a system that could open up doors to new marketing avenues, logically represent a wide breadth of content, and fine-tune the security intelligence. Here are some of the features we added to the site:

Ease of use: Made it easier to navigate critical information with an engaging, responsive experience.

Speedy loading time: Optimise the website aimed at increasing speed, decrease file sizes, saving storage space, and reducing the amount of information to save on the server.

Better security: Increase overall trust and credibility through improved security by configuring firewalls.

SEO Services: Our team applied modern SEO services, backed by the best digital practices, to increase traffic & rankings and drive business to the site.

Document fixing: We fixed the documents section that allows people to select various brochures, technical documents, safety files, etc., and download them on the go.


With their freshly redesigned site, MaxLife has an innovative website that allows visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. MaxLife administrators can easily manage the document section from the robust content management system and will have no problem adding or accessing important documents in the future as they continue to expand the section. In the end, we successfully updated the website that encourages visitors to engage in a journey.

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