iPhone application that accepts food orders! – Oneclickdiner.com

OneClickDiner.com is one of our successful web applications used by many restaurants across the United States to build, host and manage their websites for less than $10 per month. The application is both powerful as well as user-friendly. Restaurants can build up menus in minutes and receive orders on email and/or fax. The interface is very intuitive for both users and restaurant owners. Placing an order on Oneclickdiner.com is a lot easier than placing an order over the phone. Everything from standard options to coupons is directly accessible over the web page. The software has taken a leap into the
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The best gift of them all – Personalised Champagne! – Weddinggifts2u.co.uk

Weddinggifts2u is based in West Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire. This is an online portal selling personalised champagne gifts for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and so on. In the recent past they have increased the product range to include engraved champagne, engraved champagne flutes, champagne gift sets and gift packs as well as a range of gift bags and gift boxes all available in one place to complete the perfect luxury gift for both him and her. The web application that allows for customization of the products was built by talented Pulse flash engineers using CS3 and PHP/MySQL at the backend.
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Estes Park Church of Christ

Estes Park Church is a beautiful chapel in the world famous Estes Park, Colorado. The Church needed a website to coordinate activities and keep members posted on events and local happenings. Pulse Solutions designed an interface that’s both intuitive and powerful for the church to use and scale as the activities grow. The CMS we used is Drupal 6.0. Drupal is an excellent system that offers versatility with excellent scalability. Visit http://www.estesparkchurchofchrist.com to learn more.

Oneclickdiner.com: Complete Restaurant website in 10 minutes!

Pulse Solutions was contracted by US Army Special Forces Sgt. Allen Richard to build a system that enables restaurants to create a website for themselves in minutes including complete menu building, ordering, logistics and tracking services. The project was built on .Net 3.5 with SQL Server 2008 as the backend. Flash was used for subtle animation and AJAX for several areas to improve user experience. The system has over 500,000 lines of code and offers infinite possibilities of format and color to signed up restaurants. The key element in the complete software is the Menu builder; from takeout Chinese to
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Amalana.com – the one stop shop for global networking services

Today internet has managed to become part of our daily routine whether it is accessed from home, work, internet cafes, or through any other means. With the internet becoming an important source of information, research, news, politics, entertainment, job search etc, it has revolutionized our daily lives. Many a times, we tend to look for jobs on some websites, education on other sites, entertainment on others, and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there is not a single website that fulfills all of our needs, since the routine social networking websites are not designated for that purpose. Also, you
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Pulse redefines document management for Tort lawyers

For years law firms have dutifully scanned medical records and other special damages proofs, striving for the ideal of the paperless office. Unfortunately, just scanning the medical records for all of your personal injury clients does not mean that those scanned documents will make things any easier for your staff, or bring you any closer to having a paperless office. Tortlogic.com provides tort lawyer’s powerful, innovative online scanned document management and storage at no cost to their firm. Tortlogic.com was designed exclusively for personal injury lawyers, .Net 2.0 and SQL server 2005 was used to build this website. It provides
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Cutting edge restaurant scheduling software goes live!

Hakuna sprung from the belief that schedule writing in the restaurant industry can be broken down into a clear algorithm, with a step by step elimination of employees until you reach one employee for a single shift/position on a particular day. The client wanted to build a software application that will take the mind of an experienced restaurant manager and convert it into an automated program to design and build schedules with the click of a button. He contacted us to build a custom software that can revolutionize the way a restaurant schedules its staff offering both efficiency and ease
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TrakFlex gets an iPhone interface

Pulse Solutions has been a forerunner in innovation and providing customized solutions. Over 100 profit making web applications have been developed by the award-winning Pulse Solutions team. Our software has been proven to be user-friendly, intuitive and good for business. Pulse makes another break through with the launch of TrakFlex, a customized application that could be used on iPhones. TrakFlex is built using iPhone SDK 3.0 (Leopard) framework and XCode 3.1 tool. It is used to manage projects for store upgrades, allows for seamless excel file imports/exports, data entry on a per store basis vie a web interface, permissions on
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LifeMemorial.com – Life: Remembered and shared

Life Memorial is an on-line resource that helps you coordinate and communicate the necessary arrangements following the loss of a loved one. By easily creating a Life Memorial site for your loved one, you can quickly and respectfully make important decisions, share needed information and provide a permanent destination for cherished remembrance of your loved one. Our clients recognized that there had to be a better, more efficient way to coordinate what can be one of the most stressful times in any of our lives. They recognized that internet technology could substantially improve the memorial service experience by eliminating much
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Pulse Solution launches Apparels & Accessories website

www.nightmareshirts.com is a website that offers high quality screen printing of hard to find or unusual designs. They have been around for 10 years and have a wide variety of designs and use very high quality inks and fabric. Pulse redesigned this website which enabled the client to keep its business running smoothly and to branch out and get business in other niche's and mediums. Pulse also helped Nightmareshirts.com to streamline their business and get a better exposure. Pulse developers built http://nightmareshirts.com using .Net 3.5 framework and SQL server 2008 to make it amongst the most successful website of the
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