Cutting edge restaurant scheduling software goes live!

Hakuna Scheduling Software

Hakuna sprung from the belief that schedule writing in the restaurant industry can be broken down into a clear algorithm, with a step by step elimination of employees until you reach one employee for a single shift/position on a particular day.
The client wanted to build a software application that will take the mind of an experienced restaurant manager and convert it into an automated program to design and build schedules with the click of a button. He contacted us to build a custom software that can revolutionize the way a restaurant schedules its staff offering both efficiency and ease of use. Using the power of PHP 5.0+, MySQL 5.0+, AJAX, Java script and Flash action scripting, Pulse created Hakuna Scheduling Software.

The primary goal of Hakuna Scheduling Software is to simplify how managers looked at the process of writing a schedule. Rather than focusing on getting the job done, managers can focus on getting the job done right, and in a fast and efficient manner. Hakuna is designed to ensure employees are scheduled accurately and fairly each and every week. The custom algorithm, takes into account 25 factors that control which employee is scheduled for each shift.

The site has two separate modules Client and Employee.

Client section can manage store settings, employees, phone list, request off status, scheduling and more. Scheduling is based on department, positions in department and employees for those positions and departments. Clients can manage day request off for employees.

The employees section includes easy schedule checks with an easy tool to request days off and check on approvals. The next version of the software is set to be iPhone enabled and will include text alerts to employee cell phones.

There are many applications on the market that assist a manager in writing a schedule, but none of them actually write the schedule for the manager. Our application actually builds the schedule in minutes with little to no manager involvement. Hakuna’s schedule algorithm used offline has already paid dividends for numerous clients. Visit now to experience an online demo of the industry’s most revolutionary software.


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