Pulse Solutions was contracted by US Army Special Forces Sgt. Allen Richard to build a system that enables restaurants to create a website for themselves in minutes including complete menu building, ordering, logistics and tracking services.

The project was built on .Net 3.5 with SQL Server 2008 as the backend. Flash was used for subtle animation and AJAX for several areas to improve user experience.

The system has over 500,000 lines of code and offers infinite possibilities of format and color to signed up restaurants.

The key element in the complete software is the Menu builder; from takeout Chinese to complex Italian gourmet meals with dressings and side dishes, everything can be programmed with a click of a button.

Advanced data warehousing techniques are used to collate thousands of restaurants from across the United States.

In addition to offering restaurant owners a seamless way to build an attractive and functional website, the system acts as a directory of restaurants and assists diners with a directory of restaurants that can be searched with geographical positioning.

The software has been extremely successful in the first few weeks of launch and we received the contract for building an iPhone version of the diner interface soon after.

Oneclickdiner.com is an excellent example of the work we can achieve, the software is on its way to winning several awards on both usability and aesthetics.

Pulse Solutions has built several such solutions in the past and we continue to lead the custom web application development industry with innovation and diligence.

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Oneclickdiner.com: Complete Restaurant website in 10 minutes!

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