iPhone application that accepts food orders! – Oneclickdiner.com

OneClickDiner.com is one of our successful web applications used by many restaurants across the United States to build, host and manage their websites for less than $10 per month.

The application is both powerful as well as user-friendly. Restaurants can build up menus in minutes and receive orders on email and/or fax. The interface is very intuitive for both users and restaurant owners.

Placing an order on Oneclickdiner.com is a lot easier than placing an order over the phone. Everything from standard options to coupons is directly accessible over the web page. The software has taken a leap into the mobile arena, optimized for the iPhone and using the GPS receiver, users can now search geographically for the closest restaurants.

The application was written using the .Net mobile framework and works with almost all smart phones.

iPhones are our primary focus due to the easy availability of GPS data that is used to list nearby restaurants.


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