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Tenantalert no Memberships or Minimums

A savvy company in Los Angeles has come up with a cyber smart way of saving time and relieving stress on tenant screening front. TenantAlert.com helps you access full tenant screening reports and tenant background checks. The best part is that you are able to do all this without any membership fees, application fees, or other credit minimums. The reports from Tenant Alert utilize information from a nationwide database that is literally made up of millions of records like credit, criminal records, eviction, Telecheck, terrorist, social security number fraud, sex offender, and more. Whether you are a landlord or an agent, you can now cut back on the extra hassle that is generally involved in tenant screening!

www.tenantalert.com presents agents and landlords with two different ways in which they can receive 100% free credit reports with minimal efforts. These two ways are through a Tenant Alert Express process, which allows you to instantly receive a tenant screening report, and the other is through a Tenant Alert Direct process, which allows you to instantly receive a tenant screening report but only after the prospective tenant has approved of you.—The best part about Tenant Alert is that there is no catch involved!

The Task:

Tenant Alert needed a simple web page to present their work to the public. The design had to be bold, without too much distraction, but at the same time easy to grasp. It had to effectively lay out the logistics of Tenant Alert Express and Tenant Alert Direct in a comprehensive way that can be easily understood. They wanted a design that kept the tenant screening process in the spotlight along with information on the company, FAQs for further reference, contact details, and an effective, but easy to follow system for pricing.

The Solution:

Pulse built the website for Tenant Alert using HTML5, CSS, PhotoShop, and PHP. The website features easily understood material on the subject of tenant screening and how landlords and agents can most effectively use the services provided by Tenant Alert. The creation of this website has given tenant screening a whole new web-based approach that is more practical and efficient. Pulse has been able to create this tool that will help to improve the decisions that landlords and agents make based on the information about the tenant that is available, thus improving security and maintaining true real estate philosophy. Overall, the website is a big success in its presentation and approach.

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