What is QA Testing

It’s important to ensure that your software or mobile application is running properly without any problems. The only way to verify that is through a process called quality assurance or QA testing. Quality assurance testing or software testing services are provided by professional software development firms to ensure that your app or software work as intended—without any bugs or security issues—so that end-users can safely use it without putting their data at risk.

Quality assurance testing identifies any issues in the software and helps the developers make improvements. It is ideally done before roll out and can be done whenever updates are introduced, or routinely just to check for errors that may have developed over time. A typical QA team consists of operators, developers and testers who all share the responsibility of ensuring a high quality end product. To simplify their task, they may adopt automated software testing practices, particularly for repetitive and routine functions.

Understanding QA testing

Understanding QA testingSoftware quality assurance is a vital aspect of software quality management. In a broader sense, it includes software quality control and testing. The objective is to enhance the processes of software maintenance and development. Quality assurance testing also guarantees that your software or app is truly aligned with your business goals. Software testing services likewise ensure compliance with regulatory standards and required specifications.

Software testing and QA are typically used interchangeably, but there are differences between them in terms of responsibilities, role, and scope. “Testing” is conducted as a sequential step to the development of the code, while “QA” encompasses the whole development life cycle, from the planning stage until the end.

It is important to note that quality assurance testing is not a one-time task. It is an ongoing process to identify the errors and weaknesses in the application being developed and to implement the best solutions to resolve those issues. The perspective of an automation testing company may provide fresher insights to find undetected defects and bugs. With their help, you can identify and control potential failures proactively to avoid costly problems down the line.

That being said, software testing services with reliable quality assurance testing can provide immense benefits and value to the life-cycle of software development.

Enhance the user experience and ensure user satisfaction

Enhance the user experiencePeople who use your application or software will want to have a smooth experience. They do not have the patience for a glitchy and non-intuitive app. Give them a low-quality product with a lot of bugs and they are likely to stop using it — and may even post negative reviews about it online, ruining your brand’s reputation.

By assuring the quality of your software, you can guarantee a seamless user experience. Before customers find errors or bugs in your app, let the automation testing company find them for you to avoid any hassles down the line. Through quality assurance testing, you can be sure that your software or app is built to be useful, secure, stable, robust, reliable, and accessible, and of course, suitable to your end user’s needs.

Reduce your risk of software failure

Reduce your risk of software failureSoftware testing services with quality assurance can virtually eliminate your risks of rolling out an app or software that fails to serve users as intended. QA teams can make sure that your software is designed and developed to fulfill the requirements of your project. They can also make sure that the product is compliant with standards like ISO 9000 and the CMMI.


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