Intelligent Test Automation

As machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) enter the mainstream, they are starting to be applied in areas like software and quality assurance testing. These technologies can potentially reduce costs and improve the accuracy of the testing process. What’s more, intelligent test automation can shorten time-to-market without sacrificing quality and enhance overall client satisfaction.

Intelligent test automation is a combination of machine learning, AI processes, and traditional automation practices. The result is a smarter way to test software and apps with minimal to no error, and at a higher efficiency. Efforts in digital transformation scaling and adoption are being accelerated across the globe, so it is crucial to embrace and consider these future-facing innovations and technologies if you want to be ready for the next stage.

Testing automation can consist of an emerging range of new technologies combining machine learning with robotic process automation and fundamental process redesign. It provides a set of next-generation tools and business process improvements to assist providers of software testing services by eliminating replicable, route, and repetitive tasks. This makes it easier to improve the customer journey as processes and interactions are simplified and sped up.

Intelligent test automation involves imitating activities done by human testers, and over time, it can “learn” to do those tasks better and more efficiently. Rule-based automation is guided by traditional levers that are enhanced with decision-making capabilities, thanks to advances and developments in cognitive technology and deep learning. The process is capable of radically improving worker performance, response times, the customer journey, efficiency, and reducing operational risks.

The application of intelligent automation in software testing can result in efficiency. It can help organizations create processes that are embedded with robust and reliable next-generation technologies to keep up with the changes in their respective industries.

Automated testing can drive quality

Automated testing can drive quality

Intelligent test automation encompasses a model-based approach to testing to generate and maintain test cases automatically. This also allows organizations to embrace end-to-end testing practices throughout their enterprise for broader test coverage, reduced maintenance costs, and more efficient test cases.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies drive smart algorithms, which integrate an analytical feature in the lifecycle of software testing. This way, the results are automatically evaluated within the unique intelligent testing automation scenario. Reliance on manual testing practices can be avoided or at least reduced.

There are many other ways that intelligent automated testing can help organizations that are in the process of developing or improving their software or applications. Test cases can be intelligently prioritized and automated within a framework that can be reused, and the smart, predictive capabilities can effectively identify the problems and recommend the necessary fixes. Response times, infrastructure optimization, and root cause analysis can be done faster, and the management of test data and the generation of the test environment can be automated.

Ways machine learning improves test automation

Machine learning is a critical component of test automation. It can identify a range of patterns, such as image-based testing with automated validation. Visual testing is an aspect of quality assurance that verifies the correct appearance of the user interface. It ensures that the UI looks good to the user and each of its elements appears in the right size, position, shape, and color. This critical aspect of software testing services also ensures that those elements are not hiding or overlapping other UI elements. AI and machine learning are likewise used in testing APIs and performing repetitive tests, such as writing tests using spidering.

Try test automation today

Are you interested in intelligent test automation services? Schedule a consultation with Pulse Solutions today. We can help you improve the quality of your mobile and web applications to ensure security, drive conversions, and create better user experiences. Our test automation strategy is designed to increase release velocity, reduce overall testing effort, and shorten time to market, helping you get a better return on your investment.

We use only the most cutting-edge and proven test automation tools such as Cucumber, Selenium, Katalon, and Appium to bring dependable and high-quality automated software testing services to our clients. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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