Test automation is the backbone of continuous integration. With a holistic focus on your business, we strategically design test processes, create QA automation framework, set up and run automated scripts for consistent and reliable testing results. We combine these crucial elements to create the right test automation services for you, providing additional value through comprehensive training for the maintenance of your test automation.

Pulse Solutions’ test automation strategy enables the enterprise to increase release velocity, reduce time to market, and reduce overall testing effort resulting in a significant return on investment (ROI).

mobile-app-testing-iconMobile app testing

No matter how attractive and engaging an app, users will abandon it if it does not work as expected or if the app crashes. Our mobile testing team will work relentlessly to make sure that your app, including the frontend and backend functionality, works like clockwork, and meet the user’s expectations. Our engineers will look into functional and non-functional features, external factors (network condition, SMS, call interruptions), as well as mobile specifics factors (screen resolution, operating system, mobile gestures).

api-testing-iconAPI testing

The API makes our applications “intelligent,” and it’s what streamlines the business processes. At Pulse Solutions, we automate API Testing and test whether the API returns a correct response or output under varying conditions. Use our ready-made automation framework to accomplish lightning-fast feedback and early bug-fixing for your entire regression scope. API tests are five times faster than browser tests, and way easier to maintain. Combined with parallel test runs, this translates into you not wasting days until end-to-end testing does the job and you can test the API layer in hours and release with confidence.

Simple benefits of test automation

Consistent and timely – test execution

Test automation ensures your systems are consistently tested not only after a release but also at periodic intervals as frequently as hourly. Inconsistent performance problems, minor infrastructure downtime, and other related issues can be tracked effectively with automated testing.

Efficient work

Over the perfect decade, we have worked relentlessly to perfect our testing methodology and QA workflow to ensure the testing process for your project is as efficient as possible.

Faster delivery

Efficient and transparent communication between our developers and QA engineers will ensure timely discovery and elimination of bugs.

Reduced regression cost

We work to reduce the effort required to run tests and analyze the outputs by up to 90%, making the testing process efficient.

Multi-platform testing

We test across different Operating Systems, devices, and browsers to ensure smooth operation for all end-users.

High-quality results

Your success is our only goal, and our QA engineers will guide your project in the direction of absolute perfection.

Flexible team

Pulse Solutions has several independent testing squads – hire a highly-specialized QA engineer or extend your in-house QA unit if you need extra hands to build your testing team.

We are one of the leading testing and development companies in the United States, we deliver automation testing services to drive the quality of your product. We endeavor to push the boundaries and ‘traditional’ models of Quality Assurance and Automation Testing, to ensure high yield returns and extraordinary results, using innovative techniques and latest tools to stay ahead.

General work process
Sprint planning

We present the initial plan for completing product backlog items, provide structure, set expectations, and define the backlog for the upcoming sprint.

Requirement analysis

Our QA engineers analyze functional and non-functional software requirements to ensure the conditions are clear, consistent, complete, traceable, and testable.

Test scenarios creation

We put ourselves in the end user’s shoes and figure out the real-world scenarios to assess the performance and functionality of the system as a whole.

Daily sprint review meeting

At the end of each sprint, the sprint meeting is held to assess whether the project has achieved its determined goals.

Test automation planning

We analyse aspects of the sprint which should be automatically regressed going forward, these are then programmed into the automation testing cycles running periodically.

Automation test execution before sprint sign off

Regression testing scripts are run several times after the upgrades to ensure the changes have not affected any existing functions.

Sprint release

Upon release regression scripts are executed and schedules adjusted to accomodate new features that have gone live.

Our expertise in test automation tools

Katalon is a powerful solution that helps you automate, API, Mobile, Web, and Desktop apps.


Selenium automates browsers or automating web applications for testing purposes.


Cucumber runs automated acceptance tests written in a behavior-driven development (BDD) style.


An open-source automation tool, Appium is used for running scripts and testing native applications, mobile-web applications, and hybrid applications.


A server-based system, Jenkins works to reliably build, test, and deploy software, helping to automate the non-human part of the software development process.

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