Setting Up Your Social Media Plan to Build Your Market

Using social media as a marketing tool to express your companies’ news and views can be hugely beneficial – if done the right way. It gives you a unique platform to engage the public, both clients and any interested parties, to have discussions, share opinions and create user-generated content to keep the name of your company circulating and reaching new perspective clients. Keeping up with regular activity on social media sites requires time so you need to start with a clear plan on how you best want to use these tools to promote your company. Once you decide what your plan is, choose some of these top 6 social media platforms and open a company account in each to put your plan into action.

  • Twitter: A place to post short, powerful statements on topics related to your work, projects or products. You can link to blog posts, Facebook posts, and other articles you have or re-share other tweets from leading tweeters in the same field. This will give your company name exposure while you gather followers too. The more you get others to retweet your tweets the more people will hear about you.
  • Blogs: a variety of styles can be used here such as editorials, tips, top designs, competitions, reviews etc. Decide where you will be posting your blogs so you can better define which style goes where. Material can be linked to sites with huge followers to garner exposure along with your company projects etc.
  • LinkedIn: Blogs and articles can be reposted on this platform along with reviews both about your company and testimonials and conversation/forum material. In LinkedIn there are communities for various fields that you can become part of and add a voice too. This would require regular updating and monitoring to see how effective it is.
  • Facebook: Besides scheduled posts on Facebook you need to involve employees’ participation and possibly valued contacts too. Again blogs, articles and tweets can be reposted here to increase traffic. It’s helpful to add entertaining posts such as memes and notable quotes that are user friendly and will be reposted.
  • YouTube/Video Sites: Creating good videos of your company’s abilities and products is a sure-fire way of attracting attention, but you can also add motivational and inspirational videos to your company’s channel. Tutorials for DIY’s and simple informational videos from your field can be considered. Also short videos can be made from company picnics and holiday activities that will add a personal touch and build trust in the company as a whole.
  • Other Social forums: Take some time to research forum sites that host discussions on things your company is involved in. Posting answers to active questions and initiating discussions that are relevant to your company’s work will increase awareness of your expertise. Writing news items can also be a source of exposure that adds weight to your name. Also material gathered from these discussions can be used as a base for blogs and tweets.

Put together a list of people of influence in the same field then work towards engaging their interest with your material. This will expand your public reach, as these influential people can endorse your company just by sharing your post or articles.

After finalizing a plan, do a pilot run on various platforms so that you can adjust what works in your field and which channels will reach the right audience. Then finalize the process for writing, posting and measuring the traffic to your post so that you can maximize the conversations your company name is involved with.

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