Rediscover the joy of the handwritten note!

Watercolors By Phyllis specialises in note cards and prints from original watercolors of artist Phyllis Bos. With a wide assortment, including lighthouses, floral, world travel, scenery, animals and Christmas, they have something for everyone. The cards and prints are perfect for gifts or adorning your own home. Send a card today!

Watercolors By Phyllis has been selling note cards and prints for over 10 years. Pulse Solutions built an ecommerce website for them that not only matches with the persona of the products but also offers them an easy and powerful way to do online commerce with both retail and wholesale customers.

Watercolors By Phyllis is a Christian-owned and operated company.

The website is an excellent example of our .Net Ecommerce modules. The system includes a full CMS to manage all aspects of the website as well as review orders and list customers. The customisation is not only limited to the design, the change in processes extends to the way the system manages independent prices for wholesale and retail customers.

Pulse DNN Cart - - Posters that inform and educate! – Postcards that embellish exquisite Michigan natural beauty!

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