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About MomToBe:

MomToBe is India’s best selling and most fashionable Maternity and Nursing wear fashion label. The label lets expectant mothers revamp their maternity style with the latest and most fashionable maternity line designed by experts. The label is already popular on various online web stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, and more.


MomToBe came to us as an established brand with a loyal customer base. The brand was already favorite among their patrons and was selling massively on other prominent online stores. They were now looking to grow their e-commerce presence and make their products directly available to the customers on their personal website. We work diligently with MomToBe to create a strong eCommerce experience for their customers, so they can quickly view, browse, and purchase their products online.


MomToBe had a strong brand and vision for their custom eCommerce website. They wanted to design a simplified presentation with a holistic look and style. By keeping the color palette simple and subdued, we were able to make the products really shine through. Our goal was to showcase their products in the best possible manner and guide users to get the information they need to encourage sales. Also, we designed them a responsive website to provide their audience with a user-centric approach to help MomToBe convert better.

  • Let the audience easily navigate through a beautifully designed website that allows them to explore more
  • Offered  various filters to help users narrow down their options and shop smartly
  • Introduced Try and Buy service to enable customers to try the clothes before buying them
  • Provided them with flexibility around fonts and imagery so they could change up the look and add the new products
  • Implemented a fully responsive solution backed by Woocommece, MYSQL database and HMTL 5


With seamless execution, our developers and web designers accomplished the development of the new e-commerce store within two months. Below are the highlights of the new site:

  • Modern and sleek design encourages visitors to explore more
  • Highly visual and easy-to-navigate experience welcomes visitors
  • SEO friendly and socially-focussed approach helps drive user engagement and organic searches
  • Classy, refined, and unique look just like their clothes
  • Increase in sales after the launch of the new store

Work with us to ensure your web development, web design, and digital strategy aligned with your goals and represents your brand to the world.

MomToBe Home page




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