Important factors for ecommerce website

Professional web design makes a world of difference when it comes to ecommerce. 38% of visitors will leave your website if it is unattractive, according to Adobe. But what are the most important factors to keep in mind when planning an ecommerce website? How do you design a website that will make your business a success?

Whether just starting out or looking to expand your ecommerce business, you need a well-planned website. It should have the following elements:

Appropriate Platform and Theme

There are many ecommerce platforms to choose from. Choosing the right one is key to building a sales-driven ecommerce website. The most well-known ones are WordPress, Magento, Zen Cart, Prestashop, Open Cart, Joomla, and Drupal.

With more than 140 million installations, you can say that WordPress is pretty popular. It features plugins that are useful for ecommerce businesses. Joomla is also preferred by many because it is cost-effective and functional.  OpenCart and PrestaShop, meanwhile, is known for their affordability.

Relevant and Useful Content

Continuously publishing helpful and relevant content pays off for ecommerce websites. For ecommerce development, content may either be video, images, text, infographic or others. Just make sure that the message is clear, appealing, and consistent with your brand image.

Don’t forget to use testimonials. They are proof that you are legit and trustworthy. In fact, it is the #1 trust signal, according to Crazy Egg.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

81% of consumers conduct their research online before buying, according to Retailing Today. So to increase sales and beat your competition, invest in SEO. It will get your site to the first pages of search engines so people searching for your products can easily find you.

You made or are making an e-commerce website to sell your products. So when hiring a web designer, it is best to pick one that also has SEO skills. Another option is to have an SEO specialist work alongside your web designer.

Email Capture Methods

By 2020, there will be more than 3 billion email users, predicts The Radicati Group. Additionally, 86% of your customers would be happy to receive your monthly promotional emails while 15% want them delivered daily, Marketing Sherpa reveals.

Having a solid email marketing strategy drives engagement and encourages purchases. Ecommerce development should, therefore, include email capture elements such as pop-ups and light boxes. Just make sure that your methods do not intrude with your visitors’ shopping.

Excellent Checkout Process

You lose sales if you make checking out painful and frustrating for your customers. 21% of online shoppers abandon their carts if the process takes too long, according to Statista. To make everything speedy, make filling forms easy, remove distractions, and prevent delays in page loading.

Professional web design for ecommerce sites should include these key factors. Without them, it is unlikely for your ecommerce business to succeed in a highly competitive industry. Your competitors are doing their best to give online shoppers the best experience yet. Outperform them by choosing a web design company that knows the importance of the elements mentioned in this article.

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Five Important Factors for an Ecommerce Website to Succeed

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