A Comparison of 2019 Ecommerce Platforms

With the number of web application development solutions available in the market, building an eCommerce site from the ground up has become a rare practice. Open source eCommerce website creation and content management platforms are designed to help businesses get their operations off the ground – quickly and efficiently. 

Because digital marketing is one of the modern world’s most powerful success drivers, it is important to choose wisely which eCommerce platform will best serve the needs of your business and provide you long-term growth. The most widely used eCommerce website platforms and technologies are (1) Magento, (2) WordPress, and (3) WooCommerce. These platforms can help you unlock your business’ potential for growth online. 

  • Magento is a PHP-written, open source e-commerce platform designed to help brands and businesses, especially online retailers with robust and easy-to-use tools and technologies to build their eCommerce site. Magento offers online merchants an excellent toolset, including a well-designed shopping cart system and a content management platform for managing an online store’s functionality and content.
  • WordPress likewise uses PHP coding, and it is backed by one of the strongest and widest open source communities. This eCommerce website designing and creation tool are also one of the most widely used blogging and content management system tools, featuring an extensive selection of plug-ins and templates, perfect for customizing sites. It supports different web content, including forums, mailing lists, online stores, and media galleries.
  • WooCommerce is also fast becoming a favorite when it comes to open source eCommerce solutions, offering users complete control over their eCommerce site. This free plug-in allows you to create and manage a basic online store and take charge of other essential eCommerce functions and features like inventory management, shipping cost calculations, coupon systems, and sales tax management.

Check out this comparison of the top eCommerce platforms in the market.


Instead of from-scratch web application development, businesses nowadays prefer open source eCommerce website technologies designed to enable businesses to build and manage their website, grow their online business, and take care of their overall sales and operations. The platforms mentioned above offer robust and powerful features that are designed to help run a business and facilitate integration with other mission-critical business tools, hence enabling businesses to centralize operations and run the business according to their requirements. 

An open source eCommerce website platform makes the most sense for most companies, especially when you consider expensive alternatives or worse, ineffective options, like mere plug-ins, which is far from ideal, especially when you are planning to build and grow your business. Building a site from scratch is nowhere near practical and is only a real and justifiable option for established and moneyed companies. 

When shopping for an eCommerce platform, there are key features that you should consider looking into, namely, optimized shopping cart plug-ins and related add-ons, a robust collection of templates and themes that you can make your own, and efficient mobile integration. The best eCommerce platform is one that features excellent shopping cart solutions that you can use right out of the box and at the same time provide plug-ins for customization. 

In the same light, you want an eCommerce platform that offers a complete library of themes and templates, from which you can create an eCommerce site that reflects your brand and business identity. Finally, choose an eCommerce platform that allows for easy mobile integration and excellent support for responsive web design

Pulse Solutions can help you select the right eCommerce system based on your goals and requirements. We can also help you maintain and manage your online retail presence for maximum sales. Contact us today!

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A Comparison of 2019 eCommerce Platforms

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