Building SAAS based software is easier than ever before

As businesses are increasingly exploring alternatives to buying, maintaining, and configuring hardware and software on-premises, a Software as a Service (SaaS) model works perfectly for a business that is looking for a system which gives users the flexibility they need.

More and more SaaS businesses are taking off the ground because of the many benefits it offers to organizations of all types and sizes. It is believed that in 2018, more than 60% of software distributions for all sectors will be in a SaaS model, and cloud services will continue their global growth at a rate of 16.6% per year.

Traditionally, organisations were required to develop, buy, and maintain their IT hardware in spite of high costs. However, with a SaaS model, companies can simply plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet.

Today cloud service providers offer a wide range of modules covering business monetization tools, SaaS building blocks, and operation modules, letting business focus on their core competencies. With end-to-end management of a SaaS life cycle, it helps to eliminate significant workload from IT teams, which in turn results in reduced risks, significant savings, flexibility and scalability, decreased time to market, and lower transition downtime.

What are the services offered by Cloud vendors?

Aligning with your business goals

Today, service providers start with a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements and then move on to decide the cloud computing service that best fits your business type. With an in-depth understanding of the business processes, the bespoke cloud solution enables you to effectively manage security, compliance, and operational risks and also supports online marketing solutions.  As your cloud service vendor is your long-term partner, it is essential to select a provider that fits the overall goals of your business.

Try before you buy

Many third-party vendors offer the unique service of letting you test the pilot software before buying it. By testing the concept first, you are in a position to fully understand its benefits and how it will add value to your business processes. Also, it helps dispel any concerns or qualms before signing a contract. In most cases, you will need to pay for implementation services associated with the pilot, but since its benefits outweigh the risk, it will help save a large upfront investment.


Multitenancy explains the process to run multiple customers across a shared infrastructure environment. It helps drive cloud economics and takes the benefit of several operational and cost benefits. Also, running the homogeneous infrastructure helps take maximum advantage of the hardware systems.


Security is often considered as the Achilles heel of the SaaS model. Today, robust service providers provide data center network security for cloud computing to provide better security to your critical business data and system. With an ongoing security plan that includes encryption, intrusion and anomaly detection, it ensures that only authorized devices and users can access critical data to mitigate operational exposures and risks. A secure and resilient model is your best bet to keeping your infrastructure up and running, allowing you to be more prepared to respond swiftly to any potential threat.

24*7 customer services

In today’s competitive world, time is money and experiencing any kind of downtime can prove to be expensive. With an exceptional technical service that is available to you 24 hours a day, every day, you are able to increase your employee’s productivity. With access to highly skilled and certified technicians who deliver industry-leading support, you are able to diagnose and repair problems around the clock.


Mobility is all about putting the business in motion, and allowing the business processes to conduct from anywhere, anytime. Today, the cloud helps deliver mobile app development software to improve productivity and security using flexible cloud-based SaaS model. As businesses are trying to find the means to employ mobile strategy into the fabric of their business, mobility helps reduce the risk and complexity of managing BYOD models.


Considering the unpredictable business environment, an efficient SaaS model provides you the flexibility to scale with the changing business dimensions. With improved scalability, you can modify your cloud storage to tune up and down with the expansion of the business or in the event of downsizing. If you plan to increase your employee strength, it provides you the flexibility to add additional users as per your need.

Setting up SaaS-based software is simpler now than ever before, as third parties take on a number of critical processes, letting entrepreneurs focus on their core competencies.

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Building SaaS-based software is easier than ever before

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