Air Cargo

The Client

Originally printed in 1941 for use by the Airlines, the Air Freight Directory is an indispensable tool for Air Freight, Air Cargo and Freight Forwarders alike. Air Cargo Inc. is committed to building upon and expanding the former success of the Air Freight Directory by providing information, service and value around the world.

The Challenge

Delivering competitive advantage

Helping Air Cargo customers survive in today’s aggressive cargo industry. Rising fuel prices, web-based business models and heightened service expectations mean that the cargo industry is facing increasing pressure and even tighter margins. Air Cargo Inc. wanted to build an online tool to crunch multiple databases and get their subscribers the best point to point freight shipping options, this tool was expected to achieve the best levels of both performance and usability.

There is very little time on the hands of a shipping agency and they like to get to the meat of the things far quicker than any other industry.

The Solution

Pulse engineers had designed the original Air Cargo web application suite which gave us an advantage in terms of business understanding and database structure familiarity.

Our design team produced various options in the form of a graphic prototype which were worked upon by the client and the project managers on the project for weeks before a conclusion was drawn up on how the tool would look and function.

The next portion was far more technical, new databases were designed and a AJAX driven system deployed to ensure the time spent getting to the report was minimal and the information returned is accurate.

The system performs mathematical calculations to generate a list of best matched providers for Pickup from the origin, Airport transfers and finally delivery to the destination.

The system also computes charges for accessorial services e.g. hazardous materials and fuel surcharges.

The Result

Shipping agents simply love the new auto router, this application saves them countless hours of manual searches and phone calls on rates and accessories offered.

The software has further enhanced the high esteem that Air Cargo Communities, Inc. enjoys in the transportation industry.



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