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It makes good sense to hire third-party contract employees who possess the needed skills to help your client’s businesses take full advantage of evolving technologies. The service provided by such vendors are commonly known as Staff Augmentation Services which can be the pill you need to counter big-budget projects, tight scheduled deadlines and win new business opportunities. By character, staff augmentation services are flexible, to be used well to suit your need and then put away. Temporary in nature, you get highly skilled and finely tuned workers to enable you to deliver exceptional service to your clients. You are also relieved from managing employee- working environments, salaries, benefits and appraisals of such project-related resources.

Staff augmentation service can get you specific advantages.


Most development cycles have an intensive phase where a large number of engineers are needed and later when the product is delivered the need for a full-time team reduces. With IT staff extension you will pay only for the work you choose to give away to the third party, when you want to do so, and for the specific purpose of gaining exceptional technology skill sets. With staff extension you will save a great deal of money.


Staff augmentation will allow you to stay flexible which is of paramount importance in today’s competitive landscape. By using staff augmentation in your IT consulting company, you can ramp up the intensity of your staff’s output when required by putting proven professionals on to the project immediately.

Stay on top of things

With Staff augmentation services, you are on top of things, maintaining complete and total control over who does the important work, who gets delegated to minor tasks and who is at the steering wheel leading your most critical projects. With such supreme management, you can be assured your processes will operate at higher efficiency and optimization. Another benefit of staff augmentation services is that you will eradicate the risk which would otherwise exist with full-blown outsourcing.

Counteracting Attrition

Recent studies reveal that as the economy improves, up to 40% of employed IT professionals in IT consulting companies will move on to a different employer. As IT attrition becomes an inevitable side effect of a positive economic upturn, IT Staff Augmentation will solidify your staffing needs

In summary, staff augmentation will benefit you in many ways. You will experience a reduced cost in your overall operations, a quicker turnaround time for development, greatly improved quality in both process and data operations, full recovery of the expenses per opportunity, processes operating at higher efficiency and optimization and enhanced person hour rates.

If these benefits appeal to you and your business please contact us for a quote.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Staff Augmentation enables quick, discrete and cheap background evaluations

Important benefits of IT staff augmentation

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