Most companies are looking in to hiring third party contract employees who possess the needed skills to help their businesses take full advantage of evolving technologies. As these are temporary jobs it makes sense to hire the best talent available to get through the development process before training in-house staff to maintain the system.

Pulse delivers staff augmentation services for skilled UI designers, programmers and Search engine optimization engineers who can join the clients team in a quick seamless process, this relieves the client from managing employee working environment, salaries, benefits and appraisals. Our skilled and committed engineers share their skills with our clients on a full-time basis, enabling them to do design, debug, manage large CRM and ERP systems, or develop custom business automation softwares from scratch as needed.

Large systems usually require a long period of continuous development and building, this is where staff augmentation can show its true potential, most development cycles have an intensive phase where a large number of engineers are needed and then once the product is delivered the need for a full time team reduces. Our staff augmentation service can provide specific advantages, some of which are listed below.

  • Reduced Costs of Operations.
  • Availability of proven professionals immediately.
  • A quicker turnaround time for development.
  • Greatly improved quality in both process and data operations.
  • Full recovery of costs per opportunity.
  • Processes operating at higher efficiency and optimization.
  • Improved man hour rates.
  • Flexibility in terms of resources on the job.
  • No additional overhead for the HR or Administration departments.

Often companies compliment their in-house teams by hiring outside programmers to do specific tasks. UI Design, Programming, off-site testing, documentation and complete meshing with legacy systems can be efficiently passed on to the contract hired team.

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a smart business strategy that many IT departments and hiring managers use in order to staff projects in a way that ensures a quick and efficient response to specific business objectives. IT staff augmentation is especially common as more and more businesses see the value in outsourcing work to an IT consulting company not only so that internal staff can reconvene and focus on their core competencies, but also to tap into competencies that they lack in-house. This setup likewise lets you take advantage of the intelligence and resources that the outsourced party can bring to the table. For staff augmentation to work successfully, a thorough evaluation of your existing staff must be done so you can determine exactly what additional skills you require for the purpose of completing a project. Here are even more reasons why you should seriously consider this business staffing strategy: When you choose to hire outside staff, you reduce your business overheads, which can mean great cost-savings for the company. Maintaining in-house staff is a lot more expensive than outsourcing talents that have already received the necessary training and are equipped with all the tools they need to accomplish projects. An IT consulting company can provide you access to specific or specialized skills that are currently unavailable in your company. When you hire IT staff from outside your organization, you can leverage highly specialized talents with important technical skills that you need to accomplish critical tasks for your current project and supplement the capabilities of your existing staff. Staff augmentation services allow for quick response to changes and flexibility over the...

4 Tips to Make Cloud Application Development Simpler

The global public cloud market is estimated to grow at 25% and top more than $190 billion in 2018 from just $87 billion in 2015. This trend clearly suggests that cloud-based applications are the hottest trend currently, and developers need to keep up with the technological advances taking place in the cloud architecture. Here are four tips to help make cloud application development simpler: Understand the integration challenges Today, an application can consist of several thousand modules that interact with one another. Tracing these connections and to understand what is connected to what can be challenging. Your planning process should encompass the on-planning resources and infrastructure that your company or supplier has, and this has to be coordinated with the apps scheduled to be moved to the cloud, especially when working with public cloud services. Watch your system resources Another problem is the unknowingly waste of resources on cloud service fees. Cloud-based applications are dynamic in nature, and system configuration is perpetually in fluctuation. A virtual machine that is allocated for a test just for a day can still be running months later. You need to pay for the electricity to keep your servers running, but that might not increase your operating expenses substantially. However, usage-based metering on leased virtual machine resources can quickly add up to your mounting bills. Thus, it becomes necessary to take necessary steps to mitigate these potential costs. Performance issues Initially, cloud applications ran only on a few computers, making it easy to identify any performance bottleneck. However, today cloud services run on multiple servers in massive data centers. Sometimes, 10,000 miles of cable...

2-factor authentication for your web app using Google authentication

With every hack, every breach, every lost or stolen phone, online users experience a similar feeling: How do I enhance my online security? Usernames and passwords – no matter how unique they might be – are not poised to protecting your accounts and devices anymore. What’s even worse, more than 65% of users use the same password everywhere, making it incredibly easy for hackers to breach your account. So, the question arises, what you can do to enhance your online application security? We often use Google authentication as a Gmail address is so ubiquitous, web applications can send users to google to authenticate their identity, users who have 2-factor authentication enabled to get into the app only when they authenticate using their Google accounts. Google Authenticator offers you an extra layer of protection, in addition to passwords, to drastically reduce the chance of a security breach in your web application. What is Google Authenticator and how does it work? Google Authenticator is a popular, free mobile security application based on two-factor authentication (2FA) that works to verify user identities before granting them access to websites and services. To access any website or web-based services, the user needs to type his normal username and password. Once done, the user then enters the code, typically a six-digit password that is delivered to their smartphone triggered by the login and is sent to the phone via text, voice call, or the mobile app. If the user has a security key, it can be inserted into the computer’s USB port. The code received on your phone is explicitly created for your account and...

4 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Health Care Industry save Time and Money

Cloud computing has carved a niche for itself and has begun to transform how many industries work, including the healthcare industry. SAAS development is all set to change how healthcare industries will work today and tomorrow. Here is how SAAS developments can help save time and money for the healthcare industry: Agility Cloud computing enables healthcare providers to adopt agile business models, offer cost-effective services, develop new capabilities, and share information across the different areas of the healthcare industry. The need to manage different customers has increased the demand for flexible systems for offering better services. Unleashes the Potential of Big Data Medical data gathered by healthcare industry is usually complex, massive, and difficult to store. Big data has the capability of handling the massive chunks of voluminous data and has the potential to improve healthcare and reduce overall expenditures. Big data allows doctors to compare information of patients for better treatment, extract insights from datasets, and make informed decisions. Availability of Healthcare Services at Remote Locations The SAAS development is capable of integrating with the modern technologies and offers the best possible long distance patient care. Providing reliable and trustworthy health care services to a remote location with the help of cloud computing is one more area that helps healthcare to save time and money spent on patient care. With various applications on the smartphones, both doctors and patients can be in regular touch, thereby saving time and money while providing crucial health care at the moment of crisis. Collaboration with Patients With SAAS development, patient records can be accessed anywhere, anytime by healthcare professionals, saving time for...

Important benefits of IT staff augmentation

It makes good sense to hire third-party contract employees who possess the needed skills to help your client’s businesses take full advantage of evolving technologies. The service provided by such vendors are commonly known as Staff Augmentation Services which can be the pill you need to counter big-budget projects, tight scheduled deadlines and win new business opportunities. By character, staff augmentation services are flexible, to be used well to suit your need and then put away. Temporary in nature, you get highly skilled and finely tuned workers to enable you to deliver exceptional service to your clients. You are also relieved from managing employee- working environments, salaries, benefits and appraisals of such project-related resources. Staff augmentation service can get you specific advantages. Cost-Effective Most development cycles have an intensive phase where a large number of engineers are needed and later when the product is delivered the need for a full-time team reduces. With IT staff extension you will pay only for the work you choose to give away to the third party, when you want to do so, and for the specific purpose of gaining exceptional technology skill sets. With staff extension you will save a great deal of money. Flexibility Staff augmentation will allow you to stay flexible which is of paramount importance in today’s competitive landscape. By using staff augmentation in your IT consulting company, you can ramp up the intensity of your staff’s output when required by putting proven professionals on to the project immediately. Stay on top of things With Staff augmentation services, you are on top of things, maintaining complete and total control over who...