There is no denying that SAAS development has changed the way both large and small businesses operate. The sheer scalability, flexibility, and affordable services have attracted consumers from varied industries including automotive, healthcare, financial services, and more. With more and more enterprises increasingly looking to tap into cloud services, we can look forward to the better use of cloud services in the coming years. Here are a few trends to watch for in the coming years.

Migration will continue to grow

SAAS Development will continue to gain momentum for even large enterprises that were hesitant to accept the changing technology. As cloud providers are continually updating their services, it remains to be seen that how quickly the business enterprises (both small and large) will migrate to cloud-based infrastructure.

The use of containers will continue to accelerate

Flexibility and lowered costs have pushed the use of containers in the cloud computing industry helping to make operations more efficient and profitable. Containers will be widely used as they will provide an excellent base to develop and deploy micro-services to solve real-world business solutions. They will provide a significant base to offer better services that are scalable and secure.

Rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence

With the stalwarts in the software industry such as Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft venturing into machine-learning and artificial-intelligence based cloud services, this technology is all set to shape the future of cloud computing platforms. Still, in its infancy, the use of this novel technology is all geared up to be the next big thing in the cloud computing technology.

Hybrid cloud continues to proliferate

Though small and medium-sized businesses have been the pioneer to shift their services to the cloud, large enterprises have been reluctant due to the concern of exposing critical data to third-party vulnerabilities. A hybrid approach will enable even large businesses to take advantage of SAAS development without significantly investing in on-premises IT infrastructure by moving only a part of their operations to the cloud.

Considering these developments, it will be a top priority for public and private cloud services to focus on hybrid cloud challenges, such as application and integration incompatibilities, lack of management tools to successfully meet the increasing demand for hybrid cloud solutions.

There is no denying that SAAS development has changed the way both small and large businesses operate and is rapidly becoming a necessity for innovative organizations. In the coming years, we will witness several new themes emerging: a renewed focus among enterprises for optimizing cloud cost, increasing competition among public cloud providers, and increased receptiveness to adopt cloud technology.

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