As an experienced SAAS development company Pulse has a mature process to design, build, deploy and support SAAS Applications. Every SAAS app is unique, we work closely with inventors and founders, who plan on building platforms that solve specific business problems or deliver a system that users can use to simplify and enrich their lives. Our development process engages all stakeholders and ensures the program is built to be user-friendly, powerful and easy to roll out.

Designing a SAAS application starts with the UI design, progresses into architecture design, programming, user acceptance testing and culminates in the rollout process. Most of our SAAS systems use PAAS services for unlimited scalability, low cost, and minimal maintenance needs. Software licenses are rarely purchased and scripts are written to create new services or extend existing services as needed during peak use periods.

Our expertize extends from our knowledge of cloud-based systems that are used to design SAAS application architecture. New tools make building applications easier and simpler, cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, Rackspace, and Google compete amongst each other on features and performance. We partner with all popular cloud infrastructure providers and keep abreast of all the services they have to offer.

As more and more organizations opt for outsourcing automatic business processes that are critical for their operations, service providers and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are attracted to using Cloud technology for their clients. During the past few years, there has been a substantial growth in companies switching over to SAAS software.

SAAS vs On-Premises

Our process: We use Scrum, this is an agile framework for managing work with an emphasis on flexible software development. This is designed for teams of three to nine developers who break their work into actions that can be completed within timeboxed iterations, called sprints and track progress and re-plan in 15-minute daily stand-up meetings. Customers have complete visibility to the plan and they are welcome to be part of all meetings too.

Consulting service: We help businesses develop their SAAS ideas into viable products. We get technology partners involved for the best advice, we connect with subscription systems and advise on integration possibilities with mainstream software too.

SAAS management services: We constantly monitor your cloud ecosystem to ensure that your application meets your expected performance and reliable responsiveness, every time. We often act as a level 2 support desk for your subscribers too.

Cloud architecture design: We help select a suitable platform, whether public, private, or hybrid, to run your SAAS application. Primary considerations below:

  • Ease of upgrades and scalability
  • Support for multi-tenant or multi-instance features as needed.
  • Programming language and database platform that has been chosen.
  • Cost considerations depending on the performance thresholds expected.
  • Native support for Big data technologies.
  • Storage technology.
  • Disaster recovery.

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