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Bubble Browse property search
An efficient online networking system has been set up by a team of concerned individuals from a company named Bubble Browse. Bubble Browse understands the dilemma that most students of St Andrews University, Edinburgh, Scotland, face when searching for accommodations in town, and is dedicated to providing free-of-cost services in the student-letting market. The purpose of this networking site is to make student-letting as easy as it can be for students, landlords, and agents through consolidating information that is released in countless different places at countless different times—so that you don’t have to lose any sleep or time over trying to do it yourself.

www.bubblebrowse.com allows students to search for a property that matches their expectations from a pool of every available property in town. The website provides a database for student accommodation that is available, and focuses on providing property information from every estate agent into a single easy-to-use format and accessible location.

The Task:

As a solution to helping students find accommodation more easily, Bubble Browse wanted to create a website that could help students to compare available accommodation from across the board and provide them with the necessary forms that are needed to apply for each. The site would also have to feature a simple “Sign Up” process where each student may fill out their search criteria and receive an alert when there is a matching property available. Most of all, Bubble Browse needed a smart solution to making their services more accessible and publicised through an online portal.

The Solution:

Pulse created the Bubble Browse website, and used .Net/MS SQL 2008 to make a friendly looking, easy navigation page. With the creation of the site, all St. Andrews students are able to easily connect with various landlords and agents in order to find the best place to stay. All available property details are displayed on the website, and should the student wish to look for something other than that, there is a simple criteria form that he may fill out. Doing so, he will then receive alerts whenever there are properties matching this criteria online. The creation of the website has also helped to take the stress off of many estate agents during “student house-hunting season”. By using Bubble Browse estate agents are able to provide students looking for accommodation with all the information needed to apply for a property.

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