Free World Time Clock is a convenient world clock, an online meeting scheduler, and a time zone converter. It is one of the best productivity tools for professionals to keep track and schedule global appointments. Designed by Pulse engineers, the intuitive design makes it effortless to compare multiple time zones at a glance and find the most convenient time to schedule cross timezone meetings.

With our Easy World Time Zone Converter, you will be able to see the current time in other time-zones compared to your home base, add an unlimited number of cities to your dashboard, and keep a bird’s eye view on multiple time zones at the same time. Using Google Calendar, find the most convenient time for you and your client to speak on the phone or schedule appointments.

Free World Time Clock was born out of frustration with existing world clock apps and inefficient time conversion tools. Most of them proved to be unreliable and ineffective in providing quality business tools for modern-day professionals. Our app values your time, helps you connect people at the right time, and makes the job easy when you have difficulty differentiating between GMT, PDT, PST, and other timezone acronyms.

Some of the popular features:

  • Add unlimited time zones to your dashboard and see what’s current time in each zone
  • No need for Internet connectivity to use the app
  • Import your Google Calendar in the event color assigned
  • Convert between major world cities, countries, and timezones in both directions.
  • Instantly Google Calendar and Gmail Calendar to scheduled meetings connect on the fly

Ideal for:

  • International professionals who need a quick time zone converter to see the time at the place where they are calling
  • IT companies and BPO industries working with clients worldwide
  • Global companies with an international clientele
World Time Clock: Powerful Timezone Converter is straightforward and easy to use. Minimalistic, smart design makes it very intuitive. The app doesn’t even require an internet connection and is completely free. All functions are available straight away after download; no payments necessary!
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Free World Time Clock: Powerful Timezone Converter by Pulse

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