Child Safety Tracker App

Meet the client:

The idea of the Child Safety Tracker was born to give parents a powerful monitor to keep an eye on their growing children. A brainchild of Dr. Devikaa Manghnani – an accomplished plastic surgeon, she wanted to create a tool that parents from all over the world could use to secure their kids, especially considering the perils of the modern world.


When Dr. Devikaa Manghnani approached Pulse Solutions, she wanted to build an app that will help parents keep a close watch on their kids while they are out and about. She hoped to make a tool that makes parenting a little bit easier but which doesn’t require any specialized hardware—just a regular smartphone. While there were many such apps in the market, they did not offer a one-stop solution for your children’s safety.

We took up the challenge to design a simple yet powerful, unobtrusive app that will help families stay in touch with each other and make parents feel secure about their child’s security.


Pulse Solutions began the process by evaluating the current needs of parents and guardians. We then went ahead and developed a core design to introduce relevant features that can help parents connect with their children when they need them most. The goal was to design a simple user interface with a host of capabilities that can fulfill this unique purpose:

Easy to use: Child Safety & Tracker app can be installed directly on any smartphone via Google Play.

Online control panel: An intuitive panel to give you a bird’s eye view of all the activities.

SOS Button: Easy one-touch SOS button to summon help in case of an emergency.

Geo-fencing: Parents can configure a custom geo-fence to receive an alert when the device leaves or enters a particular area. This feature is especially useful when children are out and about, whether they are off to school, traveling, or partying with friends.

Location monitoring: 24/7 live location tracking with full location history and street addresses.

Low-battery alert: It sends you the message when the phone has low battery levels.

App usage monitoring: It gives you the power to monitor their app usage patterns to identify any potential threat.

High Noise Alert: Noise has been shown to contribute to a child’s stress and can even cause lasting harm to young ears. This alert lets you know if your child is in a boisterous environment.

High G-force: This feature will surely be helpful to parents who have teenagers who drive. It will alert you of high G-forces that may result from reckless driving or violent and sudden movements.

Health Data: The app saves pertinent emergency health information so that it remains easily accessible in case of an emergency.


With its launch on the Google Play Store, the Child Safety & Tracker app has witnessed a staggering number of downloads in the first few months itself. The app has been applauded by both parents and children alike for its simplicity and safety features. The most significant benefit of the Child Safety Tracker app is that it has helped to bring peace of mind to parents when it comes to their children’s safety. The app has successfully helped to create a kid-friendly solution for a safe, supervised, and protective environment for children and teens.

Do you want to turn your mobile app idea into reality? Our team will listen to your ideas, prepare a feasible plan, and work ardently to transform your ideas into a reality. Contact us today for your next project.

Child Safety Tracker - An app developed to bring families closer Child Safety Tracker - An app developed to bring families closer Child Safety Tracker - An app developed to bring families closer



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Child Safety Tracker – An app developed to bring families closer

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