Project management is part of most business processes, starting from building software to manufacturing window panes there are project managers, supervisors, engineers and clients that work together in unison to take a work order and translate it to a successfully deployment.

Managing a project is basically managing information; the right people must get the right information at the right time. Once you achieve control over information half the battle is won.

We offer an advanced web based project management suite as a foundation of your custom web based project management system, this saves at least 70% of the cost of development as 90% of the systems you need are part of the foundation we start with. This is an advantage only an experienced and mature company like Pulse can offer.

The Pulse web based project management system offers an unbeatable edge in information management. The amount of scalability and accessibility offered by a web based project management system ensures all parties can access the same information at will. Not only is a web based project management system easy to access it can send out information on schedule in the form of emails, SMS and Faxes.

The web is truly global, working with offshore vendors, oversees clients and on the move engineers means that there is always one point of contact available either through any internet browser, through an internet enabled PDA, A smart phone or though a simple SMS.

Pulse Solutions has created several custom web based project management systems for corporations that service hundreds of thousands of clients. From custom work flows that request 3 levels of security to intelligent document routing using OCR, we have done it all and we are one of the few companies in the world that can accommodate even the most toughest requirements both in terms of complexity and size of the project.

With 72 full time programmers we have excellent skills in over 250 technologies including .Net, PHP, Drupal, Code Igniter, Advanced flash scripting and all the most popular database management systems.

We have interfaced with intelligent Fax routers, VOIP routers, specialized monitoring hardware, cameras, Windows active directory, Microsoft Share point, Dynamics CRM, Visual Manufacturing and 100s of customer specific software and hardware to ensure the end user gets the easiest fully integrated solution avoiding manual intervention as far as possible.

Contact us for a free no obligation consultation on how we can build you the perfect project management system for your business.

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