The beginning

Duryea’s restaurant – famous for its family-style seafood and breathtaking waterfront setting on Fort Pond Bay – needed an app that would help them deliver better services to their guests. They wanted to focus on core food preparation and serving activities and bolster the rest of backend activities through its app.


The owners of Duryea’s restaurant approached us with the idea that will allow its restaurant to increase revenue and streamline its booking system during peak and off-peak hours. The challenge at the earliest stage was to help the client form their ideas into a cohesive, well-documented vision.  There was a need to take the clients’ ideas to the drawing board, in terms of both technology and functionality. We helped to facilitate the mobile app development process with our ability to find and implement optimal tech solutions, offering ways of developing the app cost-effectively while remaining flexible to the client’s unique needs.


Pulse Solutions worked hand in hand with the client’s team to build an app by using the latest technologies to enhance the user experience of its patrons. We assembled a project team and provided full-cycle mobile app development from scratch. Here are some of the features we added to the app:

Request a table: This allows VIP members to book a table at Duryea’s restaurant with a tap of your finger. The member is invited by the restaurant using an invite code without the need of providing a lot of detail.

Place an order – The app shows an interactive menu to help customers browse the food they want to order.  Users can also save their favorite food items from the menu to help facilitate ordering in the future.

Special event: Users can book the beautiful waterfront property of Duryea’s restaurant for their special event by merely sending a request to the restaurant from the app itself.

Admin rights: The app offers admin rights directly inside the app without the need for a  separate web console or server. The admin can oversee seat availability, manage their staff, invite members to book tables, export customers’ data, and even edit their online menu with a single tap.

Discover other properties: Users can learn about other Duryea properties.

Live webcam: Users can watch a live stream of the Duryea’s restaurant famous sunsets. Users can enjoy the beautiful colors as the sun dips behind the ocean every afternoon.


This collaboration grew into an inspiring, productive, and trustful partnership, and we are proud of the product that was delivered after months of extensive brainstorming and committed work.

  • Customers will place orders more often because of convenience as they can order their favorite food right from their smartphone.
  • Since customers can use the app to make a reservation without the worry of having to call in,  it has helped the process of making a reservation pleasant.
  • The new app allows the restaurant to serve a large number of customers at the same time.
  • It provides a new avenue for marketing and promotion by raising awareness about the restaurant.
  • The app has helped the restaurant create a client base, study statistics, and learn customer preferences. They can now use this data to increase business.
  • The user-friendly mobile experience has helped drive new market penetration.


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