Sport Fanatic

The Client, A premier sports merchandise online store with a collection of over 25000 products for 300 plus teams. The website offers an unmatched selection of sports merchandise, memorabilia, and gifts. The website receives on an average 10000 visitors each day.

The Challenge

Building Sport Fanatic a brand new ecommerce web site design that looks like the existing legacy website so as to maintain the brand loyalty at the same time make the website secure, far more functional and improve scalability by a factor of 100.
The new ecommerce web design was expected to streamline inventory management, order processing, shipping, package tracking, automated email alerts as well as advanced reporting and forecasting capabilities.

The Solution

Pulse Engineers built a custom ecommerce web design solution to match the client requirements, all of the components were a perfect match with the requirements, the standard system was already certified by Hacker Safe (Control Scan), capable of managing millions of products with millions of orders, and the trick was to get the system to work exactly how the client needed it.

Sport fanatic has very specific needs in terms of sales processing, inventory control and reporting, although the standard ecommerce web site design components fulfill the general requirements they did not match the custom ecommerce processes that Sport Fanatic required. Almost 50% of the standard ecommerce web design components were rewritten to match the client needs.

Several areas of the systems were designed from ground up to accommodate specific Sport Fanatic business processes. The system was built, stress tested and deployed within 3 months. All the existing data was seamlessly imported into the new system, most importantly the existing website users could easily relate to the new website, the brand loyalty was retained.

The Result

The new system was exceptionally fast loading, suffered no previous security flaws, offered a much faster sales processing system and gave Sport Fanatic management a foundation to take their company to new heights.

The system has been improved considerably since the original launch over an year ago, Pulse ecommerce web site design components are easy to upgrade and cost effective to maintain.


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Sport Fanatic – Ecommerce Web Site Design

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