Custom project management system goes online

Pulse Solutions builds yet another custom project management system to streamline a very specific business need. The software has been constructed using PHP 5 and MySQL 5, completely open source and easy to manage. Extensive usage of AJAX and DHTML makes the interface is as fast as a desktop application, users love the creative and intuitive design. Security is paramount when there are multiple agencies and levels involved. The trakFlex project management system allows for security on all of the following levels: Role User Company Column Row Feature IP address restriction No off the shelf product can claim to even
Read more goes live. Custom ecommerce at its best! is the website for the prestigious International Children’s Publishing Exhibit. Due to China’s rapid growth in the global economy, the Beijing International Book Fair has been called one of the four most important publishing events in the world. For companies trying to break into the country’s burgeoning children’s and educational book markets, the International Children’s Publishing Exhibit (ICPE) at Beijing offers an ideal exhibit opportunity. The 2009 ICPE, situated directly across from the Country of Honor Display, is a low-cost, high-value way to market and promote your children’s trade books, school library books, and other educational products and materials
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Pulse builds a Web 2.0 application for ACI Search

Air Cargo Communities, Inc. A well respected name in the Freight forwarding industry contracted Pulse to take their Freight forwarding data search to the next level of scalability and functionality. Pulse engineers used advanced technologies like Flash, AJAX and Java scripting to achieve a Web 2.0 application that not only makes the ACI Freight forwarding data search more attractive it also makes it 2 times faster and capable of servicing 3 times more number of users. Web 2.0 application development has been one of our core services since the company was founded. Till date we have deployed 1000s of applications
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Tell-n-Sell achieves high value SEO keywords and enjoys substantial amounts of organic traffic! is a premier free classifieds magazine for the great city of Savannah, GA. The printed magazine is hugely popular with over 4000 advertisements being posted on a daily basis. This did not translate to online success immediately but Pulse SEO engineers have worked diligently on the website to achieve substantial amount of organic traffic. Tell-n-sell now features on over 25 high value keywords and enjoys a substantial amount of targeted traffic. Contact us today for your SEO project and see your rankings soar!  

Custom Business Automation Software for VIA Seating makes pricing chairs a pleasure

VIA Seating, Inc a long-standing Pulse client launched the new online pricer today; this software makes pricing chairs quick and fun. Going through a pricing sheet can be challenging for anybody. The software VIA’s dedicated programming team created has redefined how VIA customers find chair prices. Gone are the days of multiple calls, confusions and time spent reading a long document. Click and choose options for models, arms, controls select a fabric buy optional components and voila your custom chair configuration is ready and waiting to be purchased, with a 48 hr shipping guaranteed you can get your custom fitted
Read more contracts Pulse for a custom ecommerce solution the hugely popular online custom grament store has contracted Pulse Solutions to redesign the website and deploy a custom ecommerce solution that will help them grow to the next level of ecommerce. The system would not only allow for processing far more sales it would offer a much richer and easier user experience. The solution has helped manage the large number of orders during Christmas and improve their ROI on the advertisements as well.  

Pulse offers specialized Drupal programming services !

Drupal is an extremely extensible content management system offering speed of development and easy management interface. Pulse Solutions has a specialized team of programmers offering professional Drupal development services and Drupal theme designing services. With over 11 years of custom development experience we are very well positioned to deliver integrated solutions using Drupal. Here are 10 reasons why you should seriously be considering Drupal for your SEO-based Web development projects. 1. Advanced URL Control Unlike WordPress, Drupal gives you precise control over URL structure. Each item of content in Drupal (called a node) can be given a custom URL (called
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Pulse Deploys a Custom Online backup solution for VIA Seating, Inc.

VIA Seating, Inc a long standing Pulse client needed a solution to automatically zip and backup their data to an online web server for safe keeping ensuring their processes match high recoverability standards. Pulse built a custom windows service that backs up, zips, uploads the data files as well as manages space on the web server to ensure old backups are removed in due course of time. Pulse engineers specialize in building custom applications that automate specific business processes like these. Contact us for your web or desktop software development needs.

Air Cargo Communities “Auto Router” product goes live !

Air Cargo Communities launches Auto Router, an advanced point to point freight routing tool for the continental United States. This tool will cut the countless hours of routing investigation to a few seconds. The tool is powered by several databases that are frequently updated to get the most accurate results. Register today for a 15-day trial! Goes live ! is a localized ads magazine that creates to the large populace of the great city of Savannah. The system has been upgraded to the latest .Net components which not only improve security they provide the essential scalability that the portal needs to manage millions of ads annually.  

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