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The IT industry is undergoing a paradigm shift – with SAAS Development services easily being one of the important drivers. The global SAAS development services market is believed to reach US$127 billion by 2017, and its rise has proved to be a boon to companies gripped in a tough recession state.

As industries all over the world navigate their way through the recession and towards recovery, businesses are looking for radical cost-cutting strategies and value-creating solutions. Against this backdrop, SAAS development offers the possible opportunity of a post-recession boom.

How is cloud computing driving industrial growth?

Better collaboration

Cloud based applications can be used at any time from any device, either via a browser or a native app. This leads to improved collaboration, especially for businesses with remote employees. Users can carry data in a completely seamless manner. However, cloud services offer more than just accessing files on multiple devices.

Using a cloud-based application, employees in different areas can collaborate on a single project without needing to share task lists, email attachments, and calendar dates. A growing number of industries consider this opportunity to be more productive and critical to their operations. Thanks to SAAS development services, businesses can react more quickly to opportunities.

Lower costs

A large number of companies are resorting to cloud services as it can help to slash IT costs by over 30%, With cloud computing, industries can save money on various IT operations, including power and cooling costs, server maintenance, software licensing, upgrade fees, and more. Given the fact that SAAS development services help businesses to scale up or scale down according to the business demands, it helps save precious resources.

Instead of spending money to maintain hardware that often goes unused, industries today are choosing to subscribe to cloud services that are cost effective, require low management of computing resources, and need minimum investment.

Enhanced security

Business continuation is the driving force behind the overall growth in the market. Most businesses today consider traditional systems of backing up data insufficient, given the risk of system failures, theft, vandalism, floods, and fire. Against this backdrop, cloud services plays an important role to hedge risks against any unknown elements by providing security to retrieve all the latest data, if and when needed.

Also, with the option of geo-redundant backup, the data can be stored in multiple centres across multiple locations for enhanced security.

Improved reliability

Cloud-based services offer better reliability than in-house services. As cloud service providers have an experienced, dedicated team, they are in a better position to swiftly resolve any impending problems or complications than any in-house IT department.

Efficient resource management

As the burden of maintaining and developing the systems is shifted to the service provider, industries can focus on what they do best – running their business. With cloud services, businesses can stretch their resources and shift them to more profitable activities.

Poised for exponential growth, SAAS development offers tremendous profit opportunities to both small and large industries. A less risky, cost-effective, and faster alternative to in-house application development, SAAS development services are set to transform the face of IT infrastructure.

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How SAAS Development Services will Drive Industrial Growth

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