Seeds for Africa helps African families and communities by the provision of seeds, agricultural equipment and relevant technical advice, giving individuals and communities a future, not just a temporary answer.

Pulse Solutions was contracted to build a professional charity website for Seeds for Africa. Pulse designers studied their vision and plans to build an aesthetically pleasing design that matched perfectly with how the organization wants to portray itself to the outside world. The design process culminated in a Drupal based website that looked great and included a powerful backend CMS so that Seeds for Africa supporters to update the site at will.

The charity website has proved to be a big success. The donations and exposure received by the movement has increased substantially due to the ability of the organization to dissipate information quickly and efficiently about their activities and plans.

Charity web site design is different from corporate websites and ecommerce, these websites need to be to the point and clear with a no nonsense approach. The website needs to explain the vision of the charity and describe its activities with a clear and simple link on every page that takes the user to directions on how he or she can help.

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Pulse builds a new charity website for Seeds for Africa

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