Pulse Solutions Redesigns Website for North Carolina’s Omnia Construction

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Homeowners and families in the greater Lake Norman area of North Carolina have been utilizing the expert home remodeling and renovation services provided by Omnia Construction LLC since 2009. Omnia Construction was founded on the belief that your home isn’t simply something you own, it’s where your life happens and where you feel the most safe. They have a deep appreciation for the fact that your home is where you celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, where dinner is shared around the table, and where grandchildren come to play. It is this foundation that makes Omnia stand out from the competition. To Omnia, although a newly remodeled home is technically a product, they firmly believe they are providing an invaluable service to their clients.

Omnia has built loyal and long lasting relationships with their clients thanks to a deep understanding of two very important things – home is where the heart is, and transparent project communication is key. Omnia has established itself as one of the leading nc remodeling contractors through a commitment to excellence and communication, and by providing professional remodeling services unmatched in the area.

Omnia clients are always in the loop about the progress of their renovation, when utilities need to be turned off and for how long, scheduled work and inspection days, and even days when no work is scheduled at all. A strong dedication to client satisfaction has allowed Omnia to expand their business and reputation through word of mouth referrals from previous and existing clients.

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Pulse Solutions was approached by Omnia Construction in need of a fresh and updated redesign of their website to replace the existing one that had become stale and outdated. The company needed a website that better represented the professionalism and outstanding work they are known for. Omnia’s top priority was a redesigned website that would offer their visitors a better online experience and allow the company to showcase recently completed projects.

Website visitors are now greeted with stunning renovation photos as soon as they land on the homepage, where they can quickly view a small glimpse of the award winning services the company has to offer. The website is now reorganized and much easier to navigate, removing the need for clients to “dig” through the website to find important information. Right from the homepage, clients can find the information they need, like services offer and actual testimonials from previous clients.

A new drop down menu has been added to the services section, where clients simply need to hover over the text to get to where they need to go. Once the client lands on the page of their choice, they are met with captivating photos of completed remodeling projects. Each service page offers highlights about the selected service, as well as a contact button to easily connect with Omnia.

The addition of a gallery page allows Omnia to showcase completed renovation projects in a gallery packed full of beautiful photos. It’s a great opportunity for potential clients to get inspiration as well. The new “Testimonials” section provides real feedback from Omnia’s previous clients. The “About Us” section gives clients important information about Omnia, including their mission statement and why the company was founded.

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Omnia Construction’s newly redesigned website is modern, fresh, responsive, informative, and user friendly. This redesign now represents the professionalism, dedication, talent, innovation, and reliability that Omnia Construction is known for. Omnia was  EXTREMELY pleased with the finished result of the project. They were so pleased, in fact, that Omnia has since signed on for professional Pulse Solutions SEO services since going live with the website.

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